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  • JT Meyer
    JT Meyer This merits a new post! So I missed a day again, buuuut made up for it tod.. er... yesterday, yeah, that's the ticket.
    Days 18 and 19 are up, and it's two people I'm totally a giant fan of, here's the blog link (I'm also starting to think about what...  more
    • Jan 20
    • JT Meyer
      JT Meyer Day 20 of the blog is up, and we are now in repeat hypnotist territory, so please let me know if you have suggestions or ideas for new people, or stuff you'd like my take one.

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  • slave hypnoroboslut
    slave hypnoroboslut posted a new review for item BrainDrain:
    Drained to oblivion
    • Jan 19
  • slave hypnoroboslut
    slave hypnoroboslut posted a new review for item Cumpliance:
    Totally cumpliant
    • Jan 19
  • Diamond Diva Princess
    Diamond Diva Princess posted a new item in marketplace:
    NLP Neuro Linguistic Programming Audio Assignment
    • Jan 18
  • me chan
    me chan Apologies to those who might've been looking forward to the first chat party of the year this month. Been a busier beginning than expected. I do plan to arrange for one soon, so please stay tuned for the next one being announced.
    • Jan 17
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  • Mistress Clarissa
    Mistress Clarissa Sissy Slut Lullaby Part 2:
    The second Installment in my Sissy Slut Lullaby series, this
    recording will lead you effortlessly into a life of feminization,
    submission and lots and lots of sex with men. Let Mistress Clarissa's...  more
    • Jan 17
  • Mistress Clarissa
    Mistress Clarissa New Hypno: Pissy Sissy
    This powerful FemDom humiliation Sissy incontinence and coerced-bi
    file is suitable for those who already have a Mistress and those that do
    not. Mistress Clarissas’ file will reinforce any actual sissy Slut...  more
    • Jan 17
  • Dan Jones
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  • JT Meyer
    JT Meyer So if you haven't seen them yet, this month I'm doing a loose review a day of a different video on youtube by a female hypnotist. Some are vanilla, some are not, but I always write the review right after watching them. Anyhow, day 16 is up here:

    ...  more
    • Jan 17
  • Clockmaker
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    • Jan 16