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  • PVC Panther
    PVC Panther Is there much interaction on this site these days? Looking at the home page, it appears to be more of a series of adverts. Not that there's anything particularly wrong with that, but I wondered whether I'm missing anything?
    • Wed at 2:35 AM
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    Paralysis-Carnal Desires
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    Milo Minderbinder Five tales of Financial Domination so mind-bending you'll want to double-check your 401-k balance.

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  • inferus vir
    inferus vir shared Rayna Walsh's link. This one will most definitely harden your addiction to Syren Rayna and you'll enthusiastically crave for more!
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    Sexual Hypnosis vs Erotic Hypnosis - Hypnotic Dreams
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    Sissy Seductress
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  • slavesimon
    slavesimon well after many years I am back here at Inraptured many thats know me I was very active mybe 5-10 years ago but I have had so hard and tough years now so now I want to get active again 
    • Feb 18
  • amalgam
    • Feb 18
  • lorenzo Luciano
    lorenzo Luciano slowly bur surely inraptured is getting more active again. Love it :)
    • Feb 18
  • Queen's   mindless slave
    Queen's mindless slave nothing can stop you from becoming the slave you desire to be.  Queen already had my mind..now she is  reprogramming my brain as well. why go through the strain of thinking when a Supreme Goddess can do that for you?  my QUEEN knows best.
    • Feb 18