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Omg My super dose of Pretty Pink Poison called SUPER PINK is just what your itsy bitsy bbrainnsypoo NEEDS! With My newest trigger I tickle your bbrainn and lull you into a fluffy fuzzy pink cotton candy trance as I insert My Don't Think, Just Click bbrainnsypoo adjustment. you'll LOVE the way it feels as you squeal oink oink neighhh and PAY PAY PAY!! Omg I AM the DRUG and you are My Super Pink ADDICT! Listen NOW
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    jarod whitestaff Kryptonite defeats Superman. $$$SUPER PINK$$$ BESPELLS all. SURRENDER to $$$SUPER PINK$$$ = pinky swear yourself to SERVE $$$DIAMOND DIVA PRINCESS$$$ & Her INSATIABLE GREED-ENRICHING IRRESISTIBLE CHARMS.
    Jan 8


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