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  • $12.99
    Johnstown, Pennsylvania, US
    SAMPLE HERE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t-kusinJWRY

    We've only just met, but you find yourself drawn into my voice as it washes over you like a spider's web, weaving puppet strings around your wrists and ankles like my enslaved marionette...those st...  more
    Why: For the pleasure of my hypnoslaves
  • $25.00
    Beverly Hills, California 90210, US
    We offer over 225 Videos (and audios), with beautiful and powerful hypnotic women. Imagine Erotic Hypnosis, where women are always in control, and you can choose to enjoy your particular trance fantasy and/or fetish. We have all types of femdom and non-fe...  more
    Why: A Powerful Collection of Hypnotic Videos For Sale!