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  • $35.00
    Let your humiliation porn fantasy come true! The second part of “Slutty Maid” will take you to Dark Freya's party, where you will serve as slutty and chaste maid. But beware, her guests will use you in any way they please!
  • $33.00
    848 M Street Fresno, California 93721, US
    Ever been so locked into an idea, that you feel it starts to own you?

    Be teased. Be denied. Be owned.

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    Why: Happiness
  • $35.00
    You will be helplessly aroused for me. I will take control over your mind and lock you in hypnotic chastity for two weeks. Whatever you try, it will be impossible to have an orgasm.
  • $35.00
    If you are interested in becoming my completely subservient little maid, ready to serve and obey, this ist the perfect hypnotic session for you! You will be transformed into my obedient little servant. Craving for sex, porn and hardcore abuse!
  • $34.75
    New York, New York, US
    Quite sometime ago, I was contacted by a highly educated divorced older man who is seeking his perfect control goddess. To this day, his distance training with me still continues.
    Looking for accountability and punishment for his lifestyle crimes; he is...  more
    Why: An Messy Situation