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  • $30.00
    Greensboro, North Carolina, US
    The "STAGE 2" collection of My loop sessions is designed to soften your mind, get inside you and continue to short circuit your conscious mental processes and bind your cock irrevocably to Me. Each loop session leads you to the next. The progression of My...  more
  • $10.00
    Colorado Springs, Colorado 80909, US
    You will be My love sick slave, you will NOT be able to Resit Me. Udderly helpless as I brainwash and tickle your mind with My Love Potion.

    Deep hypnosis and brainwashing with multi-layered tracks of sensual subliminals and arousing triggers.

    Runs 30 m...  more
  • $19.99
    New York, New York, US
    Let my sultry, sexy voice lull you into your trance electric state. Your listening time with me will bring your cock to that warm, milky edge. As you follow my voice, allow my words to act as suggestions, then associate my suggestions with those thoughts...  more
    Why: A True Hypnotic Adventure, as you will hear
  • $35.00
    Greensboro, North Carolina, US
    Do you believe that despite all My conditioning and brainwashing, you are still the one in control...?
    Let Me show the immeasurable pleasure of true submission to your Domina and allow Me to demonstrate that My words really are your puppet strings ...
    Lik...  more
  • $30.00
    Greensboro, North Carolina, US
    Brainwashing LOOP Trainings - Weeks 1-4 --
    This is POTENT irreversible conditioning ... your mind, body and cock will be enslaved to My will and My desires. you know I know what's best for you and deep down I know you crave the idea of submitting complet...  more