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  • $29.99
    Las Vegas, Nevada, US
    Summer weekend special, Price revert back to $49.99 tomorrow
    Madame Zoey, stage Hypnotist turns you into her mindless puppet on stings, brainwashed you into an obedient animal, force you to obey all her commands, humiliates you then auctions you off as sl...  more
  • $19.99
    New York, New York, US
    Let my sultry, sexy voice lull you into your trance electric state. Your listening time with me will bring your cock to that warm, milky edge. As you follow my voice, allow my words to act as suggestions, then associate my suggestions with those thoughts...  more
    Why: A True Hypnotic Adventure, as you will hear
  • $35.00
    Extraterrestrial Highway Nevada, US
    A gentle voyage becomes a journey of destiny, building devotion and self-sacrifice along the way. My incantations permeate your being as you approach your destination. Become my eager prey, conscious of your future with your loving Queen as your past life...  more
  • $35.00
    Salt Lake City, Utah 84124, US
    I’m offering a deal on text hypnosis with me ✨ I also offer video chat and Skype. Rates vary depending on type of hypnosis and duration. Come trance with me...
    Why: to ensure potential subjects are able to find out about my services
  • $25.00
    Climax, Pennsylvania 16242, US
    My sultry voice billows on your mind to sweep it clean from trash thoughts like ocean wave spreads across beach, flattening it from footprints. Your sand castle resistance dissolves into oblivion under my brainwash programming. Relax.and obey! 2 versions,...  more
  • $35.00
    England, GB
    Addicted to trance…addicted to obedience…addicted to pleasure.

    Admit it. You’re a HypnoAddict. A trance junkie. You need my voice. The source of your pleasure. The enabler of your addiction to the pleasure of trance. I know you crave my voice and the p...  more
  • $20.00
    England, GB
    Give in. Forget what you were meant to think or feel or concern yourself with and instead choose to surrender yourself to my voice. We both know you want to. Let us enjoy a special moment together…one where your mind is unencumbered by the daily tedium...  more
  • $25.00
    Dildo, Newfoundland and Labrador A0B 1P0, CA
    I will turn you into my mindless and horny slave. A toy, that wants nothing else than being played by me. The more you listen, the harder it will be yourself again, because it will feels so good to be my mindless slave.
  • $35.00
    England, GB
    Come with me and explore a journey designed to expand the limits of your pleasure, surrender and submission.

    An intense mind-fuck of an experience, this recording will lead you into deep trance and deeper pleasure...exploring all the facets of pleasure a...  more
  • $15.00
    England, GB
    A recording aimed at encouraging you to relax, re-charge and be kind to yourself.

    A soft hypnotic guide into gentle bliss...
  • $30.00
    Penistone, England S36 6HL, GB
    Welcome to my diner where you will relax and try something from my broad menu. Service takes on a different meaning as you submit to your orders completely. Tonight´s special includes foot, leg and pussy worship as well as slavery dessert with a side of addiction.
  • $33.00
    Greensboro, North Carolina, US
    The LAW of HYPNOSIS is POWERFUL and you accept a need to listen NOW!
    A perfect REINFORCEMENT...the art of PERMANENT etching My Supreme Domination into your open and suggestible mind.
    Immerse yourself in the pleasure...  more
    Why: Erotic Hypnosis & Femdom