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  • $30.00
    Boneville, Georgia 30808, US
    Come into my control. But beware! Bad boys get limp, broke dicks. So you better be a good boy, cause good boys get raging erections and mindless pleasure. I will train you to show cumpliance and you will want to cum again and again. Length of session 25:52
  • $29.99
    Texas, US
    Are you an unruly student in need of straightening out? Maybe just an over achiever who wants better grades and is willing to do anything to get the grades you want? Or maybe you are dirty little bitch failing class and you need to pass
    Taking you throug...  more
    Why: for sale
  • $35.00
    Bald Knob bald knob, Kentucky 42333, US
    In this session, I hypnotize your cock, so he can learn how good it feels to obey me. He will get addicted to my voice and my fondling touch. And when he is deeply under my control, he will literally blow your mind away.

    Duration 18:39
  • $7.50
    I am your Queen and you are helplessly drawn to My shimmering light. This is an extremely powerful and invasive mindfuck. Feel your addiction growing stronger and stronger. As I make you even more defenceless and susceptible to Me. Obey Miss Candy It feel...  more
  • $35.00
    Ballplay, Alabama 35903, US
    My seductive voice carries your thoughtless mind into an alternate universe where the only option is compliance. I tease and deny you until you obviously give in to my pleasure. 2 versions, 41:13.
  • $35.00
    Hooker, South Dakota 57070, US
    Let the voice of obedience seduce your mind and body completely. Worship your queen and obey. Two explosive sessions of mind-numbing and pleasurable brainwashing. One with voice only and other with binaural effects.

    Duration 31:46
    Hypnosis, Addiction, Brainwash
  • $35.00
    Nutterville, West Virginia 25981, US
    Let's go on a little stroll in your mind to a familiar place where you feel so relaxed and comfortable and so ready to give yourself completely to your Queen. Enjoy my affectionate voice massaging your mind into obedience. Accept, obey and surrender.

    Dur...  more
  • $35.00
    Spread Eagle, Wisconsin 54121, US
    You can´t wait to hear and see the revelations of your future. Slip inside my fortune teller tent, and give me your palm. I will take a very close look at your life wrinkle, it seems that You belong to me. 41:00
  • $30.00
    wankers corner wankers corner, Oregon 97070, US
    You wake up in a room with a beautiful woman. Oh my, did you forget what happened? Let me help you remember, while my long, magical hair entangles you and helps me to invade your mind. I will leave you in a deep sleep afterwards, this file is perfect to l...  more
  • $45.00
    Las Vegas, Nevada, US
    Mental domination of the variety that actually transforms a subject is a rare find. As you become more and more TRANSFIXED, Mistress Ellechemy will fine tune your mind to Her powerful frequency where you can discover a new spot to enjoy feeling controlled...  more
  • $35.00
    Las Vegas, Nevada, US
    Chastity hypnosis for the serious chastity lover. You will be trained to give up your desires, to have your cock locked up not just for an extended period of time but for ever. Hyper aroused and in a frenzied state but never getting any relief.

    Includes...  more
  • $2.00
    A new collection of erotic micro-fiction to be released on December 8th. Discover exciting and humorous new ways for women to take charge and for men to lose their minds when in their presence. Everything goes and not even Santa Claus is immune to their m...  more
    Why: To help Inraptured.
  • $34.95
    Las Vegas, Nevada, US
    This file is heavy duty submissive training. Let my voice carry you into the deep where I condition your mind to irresistibly crave my hypnotic control while increasing your desires of love, adoration, obedience and submission. The strength and power of...  more
  • $35.00
    Sugartit, Sugartit, , Kentucky 41042, US
    This fantasy session is sure to extract every last bit of pleasure from your helpless mind. All sorts of special effects await you in this fantasy about alien abduction therapy with a delightful twist of a forced orgasm. Two versions, pure voice and effec...  more
  • $30.00
    blue ball village blue ball village, Maryland 21901, US
    Plumb into my mind pool. I baptize you to be my devoted trance slave, using hypnotic principles of my tempting truth you crave and need to hear. Reform & reinforce. Includes 2 versions, 29:27.
  • $35.00
    Fort Dick Fort Dick, California 95531, US
    A daily exercise to weaken your mind. descend with me to the very bottom of your subconscious mind. let me show you how easy it is to rid yourself of all resistance and to submit completely to your master. a place where pleasure creates unbreakable bonds ...  more
  • $30.00
    Pee Pee Township, Ohio, US
    Your inner voice is so busy, controlling your every day life. Why don´t you let it take a break and allow me to run things for awhile. Maybe a little longer than you would have in mind, if you had anything in your mind anymore than my relaxing sexy voice....  more
  • $25.00
    cockup cumbria, England CA12 4QX, GB
    ome with me on a journey where you will move ever deeper into me as I penetrate deep into your mind with my control. Breath in and become filled with pure radiant pleasure from my voice. The deeper you go, the more pleasure you will feel. And the more ple...  more
  • $20.00
    England, GB
    Give in. Forget what you were meant to think or feel or concern yourself with and instead choose to surrender yourself to my voice. We both know you want to. Let us enjoy a special moment together...one where your mind is unencumbered by the daily tedi...  more
  • $50.00
    New York, New York, US
    Interested in a custom audio clip? Let Me know! I am always looking for new ideas. Price is negotiable.