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  • $20.00
    Greensboro, North Carolina, US
    My love slave, It is time for some routine maintenance of that highly suggestible mind ... I will hypnotically brainwash you again, reinforcing that belief that you are not simply a person but My sleeper agent. This is what you are and who you are...  more
  • $19.99
    New York, New York, US
    Let my sultry, sexy voice lull you into your trance electric state. Your listening time with me will bring your cock to that warm, milky edge. As you follow my voice, allow my words to act as suggestions, then associate my suggestions with those...  more
    Why: A True Hypnotic Adventure, as you will hear
  • $25.00
    Greensboro, North Carolina, US
    your Domina Shelle is back with more Behavioral Conditioning to help Me exploit and train your suggestible and deeply conditioned mind ...
    In this session W/we focus on hypnotically induced amnesia. This is very REAL mind conditioning...I will...  more