You may never go this deep again!

Have you ever dreamed of falling deep deeper deepest possible under a hypnotic spell? then Locks of Submission is your ticket to eternal bliss. Hypno Queen-- who I an her other followers refer to simply as "Master!"-- as a powerful yet very feminine voice that can render the most hypno resistant man helpless. Interestingly, this recording starts with the count up to wakefulness. Then you are taken under.. then deeper and deeper into Queen's hypnotic control, losing all ability to think or move. By the end you can still breath but just barely. And everything goes blank and dark. I recommend setting your player to not repeat. Otherwise.. could you ever wake up? It's a fair question! It doesn't get any better than this. when you do wake up.. plan on a while to get your brain working again!
Very powerful hypnosis.
No explicit sexual language
No undesirable suggestions... so far as I know.
Total loss of control and ability to think while recording is running.
The very powerful, very enticing voice of Queen.
Lose all of your resistance
There is probably some brainwashing and mind control in this recording.. I just can't remember what it is and where in the recording it is to be found.
I can't think of any.

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