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Love and Devotion

Need Master is highly addictive conditioning session, it sinks straight into the stimulation point where strong affection and sexual craving are created and does not let one loose. This love potion of desire and devotion is almost an hour long, consisting of multiple rather long loops. The habit-forming phrases succeed in being enticing and determinate same time. I get a mellow, comfort feeling of this session and most of the time fall asleep during it. Very powerful conditioning,
Would swat 5 star without question, but it has a tiny flaw. I've done audio editing and worked on sessions, not this one though. It has a fluttering type of strange sound, it appears couple times during the session. Because of the regularity, I always though it was originally supposed to be a subliminal track, that got corrupted during the downmix. However, it does not ruin the session, sounds actually close to something like a mind vampire sucking on its victim.
- Incredibly soft and addictive
- Creative cockabulary
- small audio defect

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