• Of the dozen plus recordings of QUEEN I have collected in the past months, Sensual Subjugation stands as Her finest work in my view. It is an absolute must for all slaves and future slaves of Hypnoqueen.

    Imagine you are on a walk through a park and end up at a cafe. You sit alone at a table and a gorgeous woman, QUEEN, shows up and takes a seat at your table. Her amazing voice trances you and melts your resistance. She takes you deeper and deeper, and then enslaves you, debases you, subjugates you. You are not the same after She is done and if you aren't careful, the recording will restart before you have a chance to wake up and you go right back down again. There is no explicit language, not even a hint of humiliation or pain. You are simply brought willingly under Her control and put in your place. I was reduced to being her pet by the time it was all done. It doesn't matter what your choice is, QUEEN will have you seeing things Her way. As her seduced slave, you don't have a choice. Queen chooses for you.
    The most feminine, mature, hypnotic, seductive voice I've ever heard. Total loss of resistance. Progressive deepening and submission. Expect to go into very deep trance. and Just because you don't remember, doesn't mean things didn't happen to you!
    absolutely none.

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