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Hypnotic Mac & Cheese!
  • Count Cockula
    Count Cockula You need corkscrew macaroni, elbow isn't hypnotic ;)
    Nov 29
  • blissy mouse
    blissy mouse Count Cockula, hardly xD Elbow macaroni is the beginning of a spiral, a line that begins to twist and curve both before our eyes and within our minds. And often times the beginning is all that's needed to send minds spiraling ever downward into blissful trance~
    Nov 29
  • Queen's   slavebot
    Queen's slavebot i really don't see the point of posting this image.
    Nov 29
  • germshep24
    germshep24 Milo's always had enjoyment with food based things being hypnotic, it is just him trying to bring back his waffle house