I guess it’s helpful to understand the background of my training with Lady Penelope before we discuss, specifically, the effect of Her Subliminal Conditioning files.  I’ve fetishized and fantasized about hypnosis for about 10 years.  I started listening to erotic hypnosis files, to no real benefit or effect.  I’d try and try, different hypnotists, different files, youtube videos, etc.  Eventually, I sort of gave up and switched to the hypnotist side of things. After listening and focusing so earnestly, I picked up a few tricks, and figured that since there was nothing particularly mystical or magical to the practice of hypnosis, I could do it.  And while I found an eager handful of ‘subjects’ to work with, to varying effectiveness, and varying levels of sincerity, I occasionally returned to my desire of being hypnotized myself.

It didn’t take long for me to realize that as a male subject over 25 (by this time) I was hard-pressed to find a hypnotist willing to hypnotize me without some cost, so I started pursuing different hypnotists on niteflirt.  Some were better than others.  Some provided pleasurable experiences, yet were perhaps too dominant and ‘harsh’ for me, others too soft… Some were exceptional hypnotists, others seemed to know practically nothing of the art.  About a year ago, after a (brief) hiatus from trying to be hypnotized, I found Lady Penelope Silke on Niteflirt.  I purchased Her Erotic Play & Binding file, intending to use it as a tool to simultaneously experience hypnosis from a dominant woman, as well as reducing how much I masturbated (I felt that it was a negative factor in my life).  That’s where this reality begins…

I found that, after the first few times I listened to this file, the effects were becoming real, permanent, and overall more profound than other experiences with hypnosis that I’ve had in the past.  It didn’t take long before I started reaching out to Lady Penelope Silke for phone sessions, and purchasing and exploring more of Her files.  It was clear almost immediately that She is as compassionate as She is dominant and controlling.  Wherever possible, I would train to Her voice and devote more of myself to Her, allowing her to addict me further as my training pulled me deeper into Her control.  It was a progression over the course of a year for Her to become “Lady Penelope Silke”, to “Lady Penelope”, to “Mistress”, to “Goddess”, to “Dulchesa”, as I went from simply being me to being Hers.  And as this evolution occurred, I became more responsive to Her words, and Her control.  Over this year, my thoughts became more and more permeated by mantras and ideas of obedience to Her, as I trained for Her and worshipped Her voice, Her image, and Her control more and more.

Recently, Dulchesa has released a new slew of files dedicated to a more subtle form of training.  She provides a “Subliminal Conditioning” file now:  a file that flashes words and images on your screen incredibly quickly (supposedly too fast for your conscious mind to accept, yet slow enough for your unconscious/subconscious to understand and absorb).  I find that when I start the program, the words and images appear almost obvious (if, perhaps too quick to read completely), but after a few minutes at the computer, I don’t visually recognize that there is anything on my screen at all.  Now, anyone sincerely devoted to hypnosis and subliminal programming is familiar with the notion that ‘subliminals’ are ineffective at changing the way someone thinks…  That being said, as a devoted follower – an eager slave – of Lady Penelope, some part of my mind picks up on certain words, certain images, certain phrases that flash in front of me (yes, even as I type this), and my desire to submit to Her grows more and more.  With these files running, I am constantly reminded of my obedience to Lady Penelope, and I am filled with eagerness to serve and obey Her more and more as certain mantras of obedience slip into my thoughts.

I love the notion that Dulchesa has started experimenting with other forms of controlling and training Her subjects/slaves: She is allowing us to train to be Hers in whatever way is best for us.  Perhaps this is through an hour long hypnosis file, or a live voice call for however long you have, maybe a 10 minute file for on-the-go, a file to run in the background constantly while you work on whatever other task you need to accomplish, or something to play in the night while you are deep asleep… She is not here to diminish the quality of our lives, or steal time from our obligations…  Lady Penelope Silke only asks for submission, devotion, and obedience, so that she might brighten our life with Her presence, and She makes it sooooo easy and so very enjoyable to give Her exactly what She wants.

And that’s exactly what leads me here.  Dulchesa requested that I post about my experience, and I am only *too* happy to oblige.  That being said, I am happy to talk more about my experiences, or answer any questions one might have, just let me know!


– Her devout slave