New Year New Techniques

  • The beginning of a new year is always the beginning of New Hope and I have enough for all of us. I am going to start employing some new training techniques and look for some new trainees. I have very specific needs to have met and its time to work on finding those capable. I believe in the carrot and the stick as both being effective means of training. It is not a one size fits all for my little subbies and sissies. Every category has a sub category and every sub category has several subby categories. It is time to discover ALL of yours. To discover the best of you, to USE the best of you, to bring out the BEST of you and get the worst of you in line. Shrink it, channel it, define it and cage it, make it my pet. In others words I want all of you not just a piece of you. I will find ways to put all of you to use. I have always been strategic in my training as I relish the long term but I will fine tuning that strategy, how it is used and when. If you have ever thought of serving me, now is your time.