E-book Release Countdown

  • To celebrate the forthcoming release of my new collection of Female Dominance, Hypnosis, and Mind Control short stories (it's available for pre-order on Amazon right now), I'll be sharing with the community one short story from it a day until the official date. The e-book will go live on December 8th, so you'll get to read seven of those shorties right here until that happens. I'll update this blog each day so be sure to keep checking it out for the new stuff coming in.

    Once again, the purpose of this collection is to donate to Inraptured. If I'm still writing these regularly, it's because of the experiences I've had here, because of the people I consider my friends, especially the Princess Sapphire Rain. ALL proceedings will revert to the site so that the community may continue to grow.

    Okay, let's start this countdown.


    7 days to go. The first piece is below.

    6 days to go. The second piece lies below.

    5 days to go. The third piece is below.

    4 days to go. The fourth piece is below.

    3 days to go. The fifth piece is below.

    2 days to go. The sixth piece is below.

    1 day to go. The last piece is below.