Too Deep?

  • I go deep, maybe a bit too deep? 

    So, it's not sleep because, I know what sleeping to an audio file is like. This is different, so far it's also happened at the same spot in the audio file as well. This particular one has eye fixation. And in the last 2 times I listened to it, right as I close my eyes... I black out. I lose like 15 minutes, this specific file also leaves you to drift and at this point my brain recognizes that it's the end of the file and pulls me up. I also looked through the 15 minutes that I miss to see if there's an amnesia suggestion... there is not. 

    I don't really know if the suggestions are actually working or not. It feels like I'm listening, but totally not receiving. 

    If you added a kinetic suggestion here, I don't act upon them. (I've had this happen to me on a file where there was like a "Get up and walk around" suggestion") And my body doesn't go anywhere. 

    Are the audio files still working? 

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  • JustSteven Alexander
    JustSteven Alexander I mean, i had doubts of about being somnambulist recently... And this confirms that I certainly am.. But in a not file hypno setting I dont know if that depth is useful for like play or not
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  • germshep24
    germshep24 There is sleeping to a file and sleeping through a file, there is the normal sleeping where you consciously prepare yourself to sleep then there the sleep where you completely zone out while listening to a Domme, and finally there is the sleep where your...  more
    December 23, 2017
  • JustSteven Alexander
    JustSteven Alexander It can be various files from different hypnotists... I got to a point to where I trained myself to not let it happen for awhile. But, it totally still happens.

    There's a point where I'm in a good spot, and the induction was solid so when I finally go...  more
    December 23, 2017