Just Created! *HYPNO BELLS* All INVASIVE Hypno Mind Control Tri

  • Just Created! *HYPNO BELLS* All INVASIVE Hypno Mind Control Trigger mp3

    Effects: subliminals, post-hypnotic triggers, binaural beats, NLP, covert programming.

    I just crafted this ingenious HOLIDAY HYPNOSIS mp3 to trigger you endlessly throughout the holiday season! OMG we are going to have SO MUCH FUN as you are triggered literally everywhere you go by the post hypnotic triggers layered within this mp3.
    Omg this wicked & wonderful mind control post-hypnotic *HYPNO BELLS* trigger will be triggered randomly & regularly everywhere you go.. whether you are at work, at home, with friends, with relatives, out and about, or at home, watching a movie, watching television, listening to the radio, at the gas station, at the grocery store, OMG ENDLESSLY!
    This ALL INVASIVE TRIGGER will implant a response mechanism deeply within your empty plastic head that you will obey without question each and every time this trigger is activated! Listen NOW to HYPNO BELLS to embed in empty head! OMG you LOVE it.


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