A Personal Rant

  • A Personal Rant:
    The Following is a personal rant, and does not reflect the opinion of anyone else, owner or moderator of this site:

    Inraptured (3.0) is a Female Dominant themed Erotic Hypnosis community. As such, while it represents a small sliver of the BDSM world, there are many wonderful people here, on both sides of the hypnotist's chair.
    And as clearly stated in the mission statement, it is Female Dominated. Now, in this day and age, the term 'female' is a bit broader than it used to be. And, this is fine, and I am not one to judge.
    But. But, while gender may be 'fluid', it should be clearly understood, and stated who and what that is and to not be is
    "Borderline Deceptive"
    This site has 16 qualifications as to gender, so there is no good reason why someone can not clearly state just who they are, or who they are intending to be.
    And, so as I stated, if someone is not open and honest about themselves, especially while offering experiences of personal, recorded or "created" content, then that person is, in my sole and personal opinion to be dishonest.

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  • germshep24
    germshep24 What was the point of this rant other than to vent?
    June 27, 2018
  • JT Meyer
    JT Meyer I can say that in all the time I've spent in the EH community since 1999 I've never seen anyone really trying to 'trick' anyone.
    (I haven't seen that happen anywhere in my life either with any trans people, also most people see the term trick as a...  more
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  • germshep24
    germshep24 That's what I was thinking, people are pretty upfront on this site, sure there are guys that like to pretend their gals but that is usual on the financial domination side of femdom, in erotic hypnosis there really isn't a point to it and you usually see...  more
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  • Madame Jade Paris
    Madame Jade Paris yea? so what?
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