A Personal Rant2

  • A Personal Rant2:
    The Following is a personal rant, and does not reflect the opinion of anyone else, owner or moderator of this site:

    So What?

    As of 2018 the Cutting edge Text to Speech, and Voice Altering are pretty good. Like all things, they are getting better as time goes by. The question then becomes, does this matter?
    Again this site represents the very small sliver of the BDSM world that believes/enjoys a FemDom point of view. There really are about 2 Dozen "females" who do this on a consistent basis, and about a total of 50 total of both professional and non. Undoubtedly there is a decent appetite for experiences of personal, recorded or "created" content, and relationships. And if they are not really female So what right? Caveat emptor ?
    Well Inraptured (3.0) is a Community. As such, we share ideas, stories, and promote the lovely ladies that produce content, and start relationships.
    And, it is my belief that if there are those who are not completely honest about who and what they are. and what they are offering or seeking then we the members of the community can and should point this out.
    And, again just to be clear. I am not judging. I don't hold a position on someones sexuality. I just state that it should be clearly stated as to not have any way appearance of being deceptive.