30 Days of Chastity/Mistress Carol session

  • I’ve done chastity for Mistress Carol before, but it was in her previous programs and I topped out at 17 days. I bought 30 days of chastity last week and plan on a weekly entry here.

    Day 1: By design, my last “pop” was on the evening of Nov. 24 and this is Nov. 25. If all goes well, I imagine I will be anticipating Christmas morning like I haven’t since I was a kid. My first listen to the session was most pleasant. I lost some minutes, 5? 10? Maybe 2/3 of the way through, and again the next day, but it certainly worked. Even though there is no physical desire, something about not being able to starts to play with your head almost immediately.

    I also put on my CB6000. I have full access to the key, so it’s more for fun/effect. I haven’t listen to a chastity session in maybe two years nor worn the cage in about a year. Maybe I should have worn it for a few days as a trial to get used to it again, because I am more aware of my denial than expected.

    Email response from Mistress Carol: Day 4 and so many more to go.
    She makes everything just a little more fun, doesn’t she?

    I didn’t expect anything too earth-shattering in the first week as I have been down this road before. On Day 5, my body’s desire for an erection made itself known quite clearly, with pressure on my cage waking me up twice during the night. It’s actually the pressure on the scrotum that gets you, at least in my case. When my penis throbs to get larger it does push the whole cage a tiny fraction of an inch forward, but it’s enough to squeeze the jewels a bit.

    I nearly closed this entry at this point saying not much else had changed, but that’s not true. I think some feelings and sensations change so gradually, you just don’t realize it until you take a step back. I am in what I call my “happy zone.” A week of denial leads to a more frequent buzzing of sexual energy being felt all over my body, but it’s quite pleasant. It’s as if every once in a while my penis says “psst. Hey, remember erections and that orgasm thing? Those feel really nice.” Those thoughts go away now fairly quickly though I know they will get more persistent, especially as I approach the point that made me crack and beg in the past.

    Also, I’ve been looking at the maturemetal.com website each of the past few days at the steel birdcage. The CB6000 is fine for a relationship/local keyholder where you want to play for a few days or can be let out for a supervised cleaning about once a week, because there are hygiene issues that need to be addressed. The birdcage can be worn 24/7 pretty much indefinitely.

    So feeling the occasional urges, having my thoughts wander into more long-term chastity options, thinking of the wondrous Mistress Carol a little more often . . . there have been changes.