Week 2 of Chastity for Mistress Carol

  • I never had much use for tumblr. I didn’t have a zillion pictures of any topic to post that hasn’t been done and I just don’t look that much. Well, I didn’t used to look much. I would have not guessed there are so many blogs devoted to 1. Women with silicone breasts and 2. Bimbos (some philosophical overlap there, but plenty of mutual exclusivity). But I am plenty familiar with a great many of them now.

    After two weeks without a pop, my sexuality has gone from a physical activity to one that is completely mental and emotional. Looking is all I’ve got. And sometimes I have to force myself away. In the past, there would have been a natural ending, a pop and loss of interest. Now the arousal stays/intensifies and I just have to decide it’s time to stop torturing myself and try . . . TRY to forget about what I would do to any of the women in the pictures.  

    Certainly I am getting a little more “itchy” and start absent-mindedly thinking of Mistress Carol more, especially at the end of the week as I approach my previous-long of 17 days. Response of the week comes when I bring up those “old times.”

    “This time, there is no release before 30 days. You entered into this journey for the long haul and that is exactly what you will do . . . You might whine and beg, but it won’t do you any good.”

    Emotional reaction: Nooo, Yes Mistress, Nooo . . . . Yes Mistress, no?, Yes Mistress . . . Yes, Mistress (goes off to listen to session).

    I took off my CB6000 to wash it after seven days and didn’t put it back on because I just wasn’t tempted. I caught my hands wandering in the past couple days and it’s going back on.

    Plus one day update: Finished 15 days, which is (gulp) half way. Thank you Mistress.