Day 30 of Chastity for Mistress Carol

  • I made it to Day 30 of 30 in chastity for Mistress Carol and I can feel it all stronger than before: The ache of denial, the bliss of submission and the anticipation of amazing spasms soon to follow. There are about 11 hours to go until the stroke of midnight as I write, but I imagine I will wait until I sleep tonight and rise in the morning to indulge. (Yes stroke and rise, two puns, one sentence).

    I’ve heard it said that chastity doesn’t really start until you want out, but I’ve had some uncomfortable moments over about the last 10 days when my desire consumed all my thoughts for large chunks of time. If I find someone for face-to-face play, might have to pre-negotiate, if not a three-week limit, at least some way to earn my way out around that time. It might be something I don’t like doing, but some way out in case I am going mad.

    That all got me thinking if a face-to-face keyholder would be easier or more difficult than what I’ve been through.

    Easier: If you are kept locked, you can’t really be tempted and fail. In the case of a life partner, hearing the love/lust of your life say something like . . . this is all I’ve ever wanted, you make me sooo happy, a few more days hon . . . well, that would melt me.

    Harder: Said life partner cuddling against you every night, teasing and expecting massages and oral service on demand would have my body screaming way before three weeks went by.

    So I guess I don’t really know. But this has been fun . . . haha, mostly.

    Thank you Mistress.