Review: Kasha Shatki's Sexual Touch

  • I've listened to several of Kasha's MP3 files. Of those that I've listened to, this is my second favorite. Kasha's goal for this MP3 is to create an a powerful link between her voice, feeling aroused, and being hypnotized.  Of course, that's the goal for all of her recordings, but Ache for Goddess, Intimate Confession, and Sexual Touch do this better than most other recordings.

    Kasha starts the recording with a suggestion of erotic anticipation, your cock is stirring just from the anticipation of hearing her voice and of being hypnotized. She follows this with a breathing induction that closely follows the wording of her free file, Respiration. That file includes strong suggestions to associate trance with arousal. So if you've listened to it, hearing the breathing instructions again now reinforces those suggestions and heightens the anticipation for deeper arousal as you go deeper into a trance.

    Once she has you in a trance, she directs you to imagine her resting her hand on your cock while she takes you deeper and deeper. A nice slow deepening section follows. Then she plants the  post-hypnotic suggestions that makes this recording one of my favorites. 1) whenever you hear her voice, you will imagine the feeling of her hand resting on your cock while she hypnotizes you.  2) Your cock is receptive to all her commands. The first suggestion creates the powerful link between her voice and  feeling your cock getting hard, as well as a wonderful anticipation that you'll feel your cock get even harder as you go deeper into her trance and become more receptive to her suggestions. The second suggestion creates that dissociate state that I love: the feeling that my cock is  responding to her hypnotic commands regardless of my conscious state.  Together they create the wonderfully erotic feeling that she  really is controlling my cock.

    Kasha has a sultry voice that works well for hypnosis. Direct and indirect suggestions are carefully woven together, and the combination of suggestions is very erotic. The subliminal tracks reinforce the suggestions in the main track as well as the suggestions from two of her previous recordings: Respiration and Surrender.

    Two things I didn't like (which other men may not mind): 1) Kasha generalizes the suggestions to all sexy women. So that you will imagine every sexy woman holding your cock while she hypnotizes you. Personally, I think it's more erotic when the hypnotist keeps all the control for herself. 2) Near the end, she talked about programming the mind. In other recordings, those statements were more seamlessly integrated. But here, they felt tacked on and didn't quite fit with the rest of the script.

    In spite of the flaws, Sexual Touch is one of the best written and most erotic femdom hypnosis MP3s available.