My journey into hypnotic enslavement

  • I first found Queen several years, maybe 5 years back. She seemed a bit out there and I never really went after Her. But last October (2017) I discovered her mindless slave recording and decided to give it a shot. what had I to lose? well, it turns out I had no idea what I was in for. Fast forward six months  and I have over a  30 recordings of some of the most intense brainwashing and mind control hypnosis I have ever experienced.


    More recently I discovered and purchased Virtual Lobotomy Experiment, rewired, and masked submissive demon. Today I can stop thinking about Queen.  And my best inraptured friend is Count Zero, who is also a slave of Queen.. but has been under Her power for much longer. Queen has made me change my name to slave, taken my mind and my resistance and is making me Hers more and more.


    The crazy thing is that when she says in an email you should or you want to.. within a few hours the craving starts and what she suggests becomes true.. if she says I want something then I want and need whatever that something is.

    I want to keep the inraptured community abreast about my journey into Queens control as things progress. That is why I have started this blog. It is in a way a simple and inexpensive way of pleasing and serving Her.

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    germshep24 It has been interesting seeing your ever changing user name and avatars. It is always wonderful seeing relationships blossom between hypnotist and subject, I remember when mine started back in 2016, i was writing blogs, posting fanart, though I was also p...  more