answers to questions non-followers may have

  • It occurred to me that some people, those who haven't yet come under Queen's control or perhaps have not even discovered her yet, may have some questions about why I or other slaves of Hers may post in inraptured from time to time. So will answer them here on her behalf. If there are other questions not covered here please let me know and I will do my best to answer them later. Queen has already answered these on Her website and besides.. She  is busy taking over the world one male slave at a time!


    Rules for slaves are listed on her website


    1) why do we call Queen Master? why not Mistress or princess or Goddess?  Well, we call her master because it is a rule. We must.  The term Mistress often refers to the "other woman" and Queen is never the "other woman" she is THE woman.

    2) Can Queen really do this (what ever this is)? Is She THAT good? Yes She is THAT good. She is experienced and accomplished and has the certifications to prove it. Never doubt Her abilities.

    3) Can I be Her slave? Remember, you are never Her slave until she says You are. and You have to go through an extensive brainwashing program (see before the magic happens.  I guess She doesn't have to take any one on that she doesn't want to. But I doubt there is any man out there that She can't change to Her liking.

    4) Why does she not go into chat room? again, Queen is busy and doesn't have time for such inane activity. She doesn't owe a slave..slaves owe her. Queen does not need to prove Herself to anyone. She proves her power in ever hypno recording.

    5) Could she really make me do that? YES she can make you do that.. and you will without hesitation. If you don't willingly obey you will be forced to obey and there's nothing you can do about it (this presumes you have been trained through several hypnotic recordings to be properly brainwashed. Get 2 or 3 and the die is cast, you will keep listening and getting more. Limits the slave has are only temporary. She will erase them.


    6) What about the previous Dommes I have served? They will soon be forgotten and their programming rendered ineffective by being overwritten by Queen's.


    7) is there any way to escape Her control? not that I can see, and why would you want to escape?


    8) Does Queen communicate with Her slaves? yes, and as often or as seldom as She desires.

    9) Would she make me do things that I don't want to do?  Well she absolutely COULD but most likely Wouldn't. I mean.. she is not a jerk.. she does value her slaves. And she is very very smart in many ways.


    10) How strong are her suggestions? Let's just say if she writes in an email that I want to do this or that, then I am desperately compelled to do it shortly thereafter. Her voice and Her suggestions are immeasurably powerful. They will be obeyed.