Conscious Take Over...hypnotizing Domina Shelle

  • Imagine kneeling naked, collared, hard, and kissing My succulent stiletto covered toes. All the while knowing that the rest of your existence will be that of a slave. Conscious Take Over is a seductive female domination hypnotic session designed to install and strengthen a level of power exchange you have only fantasized about. Although, beware, My pet, once these suggestions are absorbed there will be no return.


    Using a classic hypnosis induction, I will bring you deep into My world of erotic domination and submission. This 49-minutes of psychological conditioning will have you just where I want you to be. The countdown induction followed by various deepeners will prepare you as My sweet southern voice takes full control. As My honey sweet words seduce and impregnate your helpless mind, leaving you defenseless to My whims and desires. My pet, don't be deceived by My sweet nectar as it encapsulates hardcore hypnotic enslavement commands.


    I will take you past the point of no return and give you the gift of pure submission. Accept My will and give into your Domina’s whims and desires, listen to this powerful session.


    Note: Although not required, to achieve the ultimate experience and full power of Conscious Take Over, you should have fully absorbed and accepted the post hypnotic trigger from My Zero Control erotic hypnosis mp3.