MIND SPIRAL mp3...deep EROTIC hypnosis

  • Session Length: 40 minutes


    Be advised – this EROTIC Hypnosis mp3 will cause EXTREME arousal as I SEDUCE your mind - Unbelievable and irresistible... My touch will bring you pleasure unlike any other... you will be forever ENSLAVED BY your Domina once again.


    Come here, My sweet... OBEY and Rest your head right here. Right in My warm, inviting embrace. you will SUBMIT to Me, to My Ethereal Hands. Prepare for a mind-blowing scalp-tingling session that will leave you haunted and enchanted. A Perfect otherworldly pleasure inscribed and massaged directly into your brain. Each word another part of My endless HYPNOTIC SPELL.
    Today I will be taking you into a world of unrivaled HYPNOTIC PLEASURE as my delicate fingertips caress and SEDUCE you. Once you have tasted My HYPNOTIC POWER you will become ADDICTED and OBSESSED with ME. Let Me show you what TRUE pleasure is, the Hypno PLEASURE that only I, your devastating and dangerous Domina Shelle, can bring you.


    you will MELT in My hot cleavage as I permanently etch My HYPNOTIC, trance-inducing patterns into your brain. Swirling fingertips tracing HYPNOTIC spirals into your brain, you will NEVER be the same.