HYPNO TOY’D...erotic chastity hypnosis & sissy

  • I love toys, but a different kind of toy to bring Me pleasure. I love toys that do whatever I want...Toys with buttons and strings. Oh, I bet you love the way I can push your buttons and pull your strings. That's right, YOU are My favorite kind of toy...I can push a button to make you say whatever I want and pull your puppet strings and make you do whatever I want. Then, there are those little triggers I can whisper and you simply obey. Oh yes, you are My very favorite toy. Have you ever fantasized about your Domina pushing your sexual limits? Welcome to My Erotic Chastity Hypnosis: Hypno Toy'd mp3 by Domina Shelle and Chastity Sissy: Hypno Toy'd Sissy file by Domina Shelle.


    I'm going to lead you into My HYPNO DUNGEON. I'm gonna play with you and toy with your mind......and body. This is going to be so hot.....Me and My little toy all alone together. I can't wait! So, take My hand and I'll take you to that special place in My dungeon...and perform all sorts of hypnotic torturing things on your mind and body. This is going to be so sexy...My panties are already wet just thinking about your being objectified and used as My pleasure toy. I am a TEASE...you love tease and denial.


    Don't worry, I'll have you so deep under My control that nothing will matter any way. giggles