Thank You

  • Today may be April Fools Day and all but this post is no prank but rather a true account of some of my experiences around here.


    I first stumbled upon Inraptured back in 2007 but never stuck around. If you ask me why, the only honest answer I can give you is "I can't remember". My fetish and fantasy explorations continued in other places on the Internet until mid 2015 when reading a story Milo wrote about about a fantastic Inraptured Convention reminded me of this place and so I returned.


    I'm glad I did. Although the first few months were kind of rough because I felt like I didn't belong at all seeing I had never been hypnotized before and didn't want to be - I was just looking for additional inspiration for my writing projects, really! - I had the chance of getting to know some wonderful people and, with their help, grow as a person and try out some things I never would have tried on my own.


    There are too many people to number - some of which are no longer around - but the most important one was definitely the Princess Sapphire Rain. In ways I find both mysterious and breathtaking, she helped me realize some very important aspects of my personality and, thanks to her, I was also able to create my personal website, Spell... B-O-U-N-D (


    That site - which I consider to be my greatest achievement thus far (although I want more!) would have never come to life if I hadn't stuck around, if I hadn't allowed myself to open up to things I was very reluctant to open up to. I spent years doubting myself, my creative skills, and my ability to change in significant ways. There's still some clutter here and there, but I know I'm a better person today than I was when I returned to Inraptured. I wish to continue growing.


    I tend to forget a lot of things when and after my mind is subtly taken over, not by choice because I'm not really fond of hypnotic amnesia but because that's just how things are when it comes to my subsconscious processes. I don't wish to forget the gratitude and sense of pride I'm feeling today so I'm crystallizing my feelings in the best way I can through this writing.


    Today may be April Fools Day and all but this post is no prank. Thank you, Princess. Thank you, my friends. Thank you, Inraptured.

  • me chan
    me chan And thank you SB for all of your contribution, friendship, and being another big part of this community, especially for those like me. In the time I've known you on Inraptured, it's easy to see how you became a regular and welcome presence. I totally...  more
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  • S.B.
    S.B. I'm grateful for your kind words (and admittedly a bit embarassed by the compliments as per standard but this last bit will pass, soon). Thank you, me chan.
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