It all started quite innocently when I was on Yahoo looking at some of the new members profiles. I came across the page for Alice...She stated on it that she was looking to learn Hypnosis. And since I love to teach hypnosis, I invited her to connect. The following day, sure enough our profiles were connected. So I took the next step and invited her to connect on Yahoo Messenger Chat, so that we could chat "live". A little later in the day, sure enough she accepted...And so began what I will describe below.

    On our first chat she told me she was from Italy. I found her to be quite proficient in English. She impressed me with a real desire to learn, so I sent her some material from my Hypnosis Course to study and learn. (Did I tell you that my Grandparents emigrated from Italy and I immediately felt an affinity with her...Well I guess I just did.)

    I thought that at first she was a bit intimidated by the fact that I was a professional stage hypnotist, something that happens quite often when I first chat with new hypnotists or hypnoteuses. But once we started to get to know each other, she seemed to become quite at ease with me...asking questions about hypnosis and NLP, which I gladly answered. Then we started talking about hypnotizing each other so that she could practice...

    Today...It happened...She asked if I had some time...She wanted to try a trance on me. I thought it would be a great idea and also give me a chance to evaluate what she had learned...She asked me to go to a site that she had set up for her subjects to focus on. ( I smiled at the "Mistress Alice" title, as she had told me she wasn't sure "domination" was her thing. But when it came up, it was an excellent "focal point"...and she asked me to relax and watch it for a minute while she took care of something...Perhaps I shouldn’t have complied...But I did...

    She was gone for what seemed like quite awhile, and I didn't want to disappoint her, so I actually did stare at it. In fact I didn't even notice that she had come back for a few seconds. I wasn't deeply entranced by it...but if those were her eyes, I wanted to be...They were gorgeous and deep. What follows is part of the actual induction:

    "Now you should be ready…see, how beautiful my eyes are? Let's use them…I'd like you to use them as a back ground and fit the YM window in the middle. Let your eyes watch them from the border view and think of the word RELAX."

    "Take a couple of deep breath and concentrate on my words on my eyes. In a moment i'll make you think of a scenario…but simply RELAX at the moment...Now i want you to imagine this scenario in your mind

    There is a white sandy beach

    A warm sunny day

    The ocean is almost calm

    You lay down for me

    The sun is warming your back

    And the rhythmic sound of the ocean fills your thoughts

    I come and sit beside you. I whisper the word RELAX in your ear as

    I take some warm oil and I begin to massage your back

    As I stroke my soft hands on your back

    I whisper relaxing words softly into your ears

    It’s not important for you to understand them now

    The important thing is you simply RELAX now.

    Take a deep breath and at the next stoke of my hands, exhale

    STROKE…Exhale and RELAX…feel all the stress fading away

    Feel your relaxation deepening with each stroke of my hands

    With each breath you take

    Stroke…RELAX deeper

    Breathe…RELAX even more…again

    Stroke…RELAX deeper

    Breathe…RELAX even more…once more

    Stroke…RELAX deeper

    Breathe…RELAX even more

    Now I take your hand softly in mine…

    And I whisper…FOLLOW ME

    You NOW imagine yourself with your eyes closed

    raising and following me…

    Following my guiding hand as you Breathe… and RELAX even more for Me

    We will walk to a perfect place…We will walk into a place where relaxation is very very deep

    This place is not so far…just 20 steps away

    In 20 steps we will be there…and You so want to be there with me…don’t you?

    You and me…so perfect…in our perfectly relaxing place

    Let’s go…20…so RELAXING to follow me

    In 19 steps now, we will arrive

    Feel the warm relaxing sand beneath your feet

    and each time your feet touch the sand you will feel closer

    closer to the perfect relaxation and slip deeper into it

    18 steps now, closer and closer…easier and easier to slip deeper

    thinking about how relaxing and wonderful this place will be with Me

    17 steps

    16 steps we are leaving the world behind…Going to our place

    15 steps so willing to follow me to find a good place to RELAX

    14 steps, now…closer and deeper with each step…more and more relaxed with each step

    13 steps… Breathe…RELAX even more…slipping deeper with each step we take…aren’t you?

    Almost midway still sliding deeper for Me

    Not far at all Now…Stepping is like floating NOW

    12 steps…closer now…almost there the path slopes DOWN now…towards our place

    11 steps and more and more relaxed

    10 steps

    9 steps deeper we can see our place

    8 steps so comfortable as we follow the path deeper

    7 steps, so wonderful for me and you

    6 steps, so safe to follow me deeper

    5 steps so easy to let go with me

    4 steps so simple to follow my hand to our place

    3 steps so eager to be there

    2 steps so eager to RELAX completely with me

    Only 1 step for you to enter Our perfect place of relaxation

    1….We are there now…deeply relaxed for Me

    Simply enjoy the perfect feeling of relaxation that is here

    Simply RELAX

    Simply let go


    Let this word transport you

    RELAX…is a magic word

    RELAX…is my magic word for you

    RELAX makes you feel deeper and deeper

    RELAX is the key for your relaxation with Me


    so easy


    so simple

    RELAX so natural with Me…Relaxing only for me Now

    I OBEY is the perfect answer for the perfect word RELAX isn’t it?

    RELAX is the perfect word

    I OBEY is the perfect answer

    So easy to respond with your answer…I OBEY


    So easy to move your hands on the keyboard and respond…I OBEY"


    I was automatically typing iii obeyyy every time she said it.



    Even more simple now


    So automatic

    RELAX is the perfect word

    I OBEY is the perfect answer




    Feel your relaxation increase each perfect word I write


    Feel yourself going deeper with each perfect answer you type


    RELAX…Deeper and Deeper


    So natural to OBEY

    So simple to OBEY

    You're here with me

    We are in the perfect place

    This place is so wonderful


    Feel yourself OBEY my every word NOW


    Feel yourself totally concentrating on my words


    More and more…deeper and deeper…the MORE YOU OBEY


    So wonderful TO OBEY

    So easy to come here again with me


    simply responding to MY perfect magic word AND RESPONDING ONLY WHEN I TYPE IT TO YOU…NO ONE ELSE.


    Is OUR key for this perfect place


    Each time DEEPER

    Each time MORE OPEN to my suggestions

    Each time MORE OBEDIENT











    You feel good here with ME…don't you?

    Isn''t OUR PRIVATE PLACE simply wonderful?

    Isn''t OUR PRIVATE PLACE simply magic?








    Feel yourself eager to come here with me again and again

    What do i need to bring you here with me?


    I typed Reelllaxx


    Very good…RELAX is the key

    I OBEY is the answer

    The moment you naturally type your answer you'll TRANCE DEEPLY and be here with me again

    And it will be 10 times better

    10 times deeper

    10 times more wonderful

    10 times more arousing

    Now I want you to count from 1 to 20 for me

    On 20 you will be so aroused that you will climax for me

    And when you climax your mind will be bound forever to me won’t it?

    When you cum for me you will be totally mine…mind and body bound to my words.

    Count for me..

    I vaguely remember starting to type the numbers...with her typing erotic sentences to me in-between and I remember this statement from her as I typed 20...and climaxed…"CUM FOR ME MY PET…CUM AND LET YOUR MIND AND BODY BE MINE FOREVER…SO HELPLESS NOW...SO DEEPLY RELAXED AND HYPNOTIZED...SO SLEEPY

    Then a RELAX and I was gone...

    I don't remember her waking me up...but I do remember being very wet around my groin and still hard. I was drained...And I dreamed about her all night...

    The next day she was not around online at all, but that didn't seem to stop the feelings...In fact I found myself craving her presence even more. I couldn't stop thinking about her all day and evening...and once again I dreamed about her that night.


    CHAPTER 2...DAY 3


    The very next morning when I got online to check my heart started pounding...There was an e-mail there from her...I opened it first...It said:

    "I was reading our first session and I almost feel embarrassed about the deepness and the daring of my words. Now since reading the log of your first trance with me, it made me deeply willing to have you in my power again. I decided to hypnotize you again right here.


    Feel yourself simply drifting into a deep deep deep hypnotic state


    Find into your fantasy the deepest desire to be hypnotized


    Surrender to your desire to be controlled and dominated by me


    Let your mind be totally filled by my words


    Let your thought become this one:

    I obey you Mistress

    You're so deep now

    Deeper than last time

    So willing to obey

    So willing to submit

    So aroused by my dominant presence

    I'm back to you now

    As you read this email in your total hypnotic state.

    I bring your head between my hands and I massage your temples whispering you my fascinating words

    You feel totally relaxed between my hands, like a puppy.

    It's a natural feeling in my presence.

    Now I bend your head forward, and your relaxed neck follows my movements by instinct, because you feel submissive. It's now your natural desire around me. You have always wanted to submit to me. See your head moving towards my breasts now. The moment your head touches my breasts you feel going 100 times deeper


    100 times deeper


    100 times more submissive


    100 times more obedient


    Deeply relaxed and still deeply aroused

    I want you to repeat to yourself how much you desire to be hypnotized more and more by Me. Your deep strong desire to be hypnotized by me again and again until I have removed any semblance of your own will is overwhelming your thoughts NOW.

    You know I will reduce you my personal private perfect hypnotic subject.

    You now feel I'm the perfect person for that.

    You know that you can fulfill your deep desire to be dominated through my hypnosis.

    You know I'm your perfect hypnoteuse, and the hypnoteuse you need to fulfill your desires.

    Now Pet comes the big surprise...By the time you read this, I will be half way across the Atlantic on Al Italia flight 2563 arriving in Las Vegas at 1:02 P.M. your time. You will come to the airport and pick up your Mistress and drive her to the MGM Hotel.

    Breath deeply

    Feel so happy I'm coming to make you submit in person.

    Obey my suggestion and pick me up...You don't know what I look like yet, but I know what you look like...I will find you when I get off the plane...And you know you will be there...there is no way for you to resist now...Not With me in your mind...Not with me controlling you...Not with the arousal and hardness you feel at the thought of me being there....You simply…

    RELAX and


    AWAKEN NOW...Get ready for me



    OMG I thought...this can't be happening...I'm married...What would my wife do if she found out? I looked at the time...9:56 A.M. a little over three hours till she was scheduled to arrive. My wife would be at work till 7:30 P.M. Perhaps I could just give Mistress a ride to the Hotel, then come home (Why did I just think Mistress?) But if I saw her in person, could I resist her and just drop her off at the hotel?...I decided it would be better not to see her at all...There were all different kinds of transportation at the airport to get her to the MGM.

    I grabbed some breakfast, then jumped in the shower thinking it would take my mind off the situation (Or was that the real reason...I didn't know for sure.) But even the cold spray part at the end did nothing for my aroused state...All I could think about was that my Gorgeous Italian Hypnotic Mistress was actually going to be in my home town. After getting dressed, I decided to take the dogs for a run, thinking that would take my mind off things and relieve the aroused state that seemed to be constant when I thought of her. I looked at the clock ...10:50 A.M...Now it was only a little over 2 hours till her flight landed. No...Don't think about that, I told myself...I picked up my keys and cell phone, and was about ready to take the dogs out, when I noticed my phone was flashing...I had a text message...I opened the message... and my mind went spinning off into trance. It said:

    "RELAX MY PET...

    You gave me this number yesterday during our session...But I made you forget...You will come to the Airport NOW and wait for my arrival...time means nothing to you until 15 minutes before my flight arrives...OBEY YOUR MISTRESS"

    I must have driven on "automatic pilot", because the next thing I knew I was at a coffee shop in the terminal looking at my watch...12:45... OMG I was here, and she would be here in 15 minutes...The myriad of emotions that rolled through my mind were amazing...Panic, would I get caught by my wife...Fear...would I lose myself in Mistresses capable hypnotic hands...Desire, I wanted her so...and a hundred others as my legs seemed to automatically move me towards the arrival area...

    I knew it was her the minute I saw her...A gorgeous brunette, probably mid-thirties, full beasts, dark long hair. The classic Italian beauty, dressed in what looked like a sexy Dolce & Gabanna designer outfit with very high heels. Deep red lips and those amazing eyes...She walked right towards me...stopping inches away and fixing me with a deep stare..

    "RELAX" was the first word out of her mouth...My world went spinning away again as I heard myself say "I OBEY".

    The next thing I knew, I was in her suite at the MGM Grand with no memory of even driving her there from the airport...I realized I was totally naked and my arms and legs were attached to straps tying me to the four poster bed. I could even feel a collar around my neck...I panicked not knowing what was happening...When I heard her walking towards me..."Yes slave...time to please your Mistress now", she said as she climbed over me and lowered her gorgeous pussy onto my face..."Make love to me with your tongue and become terribly aroused by my aroma and my juices"...She said as she move slowly back and forth over my lips and tongue..."You are my Boy Toy slave forever now"...I responded to her voice and her she made me pleasure her first orally until she had her first climax, then feeling her turn and slide onto my cock which had remained rock hard the whole time I was licking and sucking her. In the moments respite while she was moving, I thought about my Wife...and started to say...

    "Mistress... My Wife"...but all thoughts slipped from my mind when I heard "RELAX and fuck me pet" as her sopping hot wet pussy engulfed my cock. I simply became a mass of sensations as she took her pleasure mounted on me and riding me like some wild mustang....I heard "Hotter...Harder...Faster...You Cannot CUM Until I tell you to" for what seemed an eternity until I heard the words "CUM NOW" and saw stars before I must have passed out….

    When I came back to my senses, I realized I must have slept for awhile...I had no idea of the time, but it was dark out and OMG Genie would be out of work and wondering where I was.

    I heard a chuckle coming from across the room..."Welcome back Pet...I can see a panicked look on your face again...You must be thinking about your Wife...Don't worry...I called her on your cell phone and told her where we were...You see...I'm bi-sexual and I thought about this on the flight here...I've decided to have you both as my hypnotic love slaves."

    "DON'T" I started to say...but again that word came from her lips "RELAX Pet...You now love that idea...don't you?"

    My mind clouded again as I heard my voice say "Yes I the idea," I saw her smile like a Cheshire Cat as she said "I thought you would my Boy Toy...Now I'm going to release you from the bed...You will go and shower and get ready to see me take your Wife as I took you...She will soon be my Girl Toy...Hurry...She will be here in 20 Minutes.  




    I heard the doorbell on the suite ring from the bathroom, where I was just putting on my clothes after drying myself from the shower. I heard Mistress say "Come in Dear"...and then Genie answer in anger..."Don't Dear Me...Where is that Hypno Slut of mine?..."Oh" Mistress answered, "You know about his little fetish then?"...I heard Genie answer..."Yes I know about it, but it's usually an online thing with least it was until now...Where is he?...

    "Richard Toy"...I heard in My New Mistresses voice..."Come out here now and kneel before us"...I automatically walked from the bathroom to the living room of the suite where they both stood looking at me. When I got to them the muscles in my legs gave way and I found myself kneeling before them...

    "Don't you think this is the position he should always be in when he approaches a woman?"...she asked Genie. Then she started to slowly circle her and I heard her drop her tone of voice to that hypnotically seductive one that I was no so familiar with..." nice Genie...don't you think?" Genie was busy giving me looks and didn't seem to notice the change in Mistresses voice..."It was so easy for him or really anyone to RELAX to my voice"..."I obey" immediately came out of my mouth as I felt myself slip into trance...but I heard her continue..."See how easy it let oneself start to feel warm and tingly all over?"...My cloudy mind realized she was trying to hypnotize Genie..."Don't" I could feel the voice in my mind say...but it was just too hard to think now, in my ever deepening trance...I saw her move in front of Genie...Then saw Genie's hand come up to her chin...and before Mistress knew what was happening, I heard that voice...

    Genies Strong Commanding Hypnotic Voice which she seldom used anymore...but which no one could resist....

    "Yes Alice...Sooo easy...Let me show you JUST how easy as you look deeply into my eyes...No. No!...Don't look away...Impossible to look away NOW...Fascinated by my eyes...My Voice...I saw her start to touch Mistresses Chakra points to make her even weaker and unable to resist My Wife’s induction..."Just focus and relax...relax and focus. Take two deep breaths...In slowly…Out slowly. Focus on my eyes...Just relax and feel my eyes and my words penetrating right into your soul. Lock in on them...And as you focus your getting more and more relaxed. Your body is beginning to grow heavy and focused. Breathing in and out slowly, beginning to sink deeper and deeper. Now look deeper into my eyes, and feel yourself falling into them. So bright, and so intense.  

    As they gaze at you. As you look deep into my eyes, you start to feel calm...Very very calm. Your starting to relax more and more as you look into my beautiful eyes…Getting lost and relaxed in them. As you go deeper and deeper, your body relaxes more and more for me. You feel the warmth starting in your toes, moving to your feet as you sink deeper and deeper for me...

    Up to your ankles into your calves, deeper and deeper your falling into me. The warmth is filling you…Arousing the wave of heat infuses them...Feel it start to flow…Up your thighs my relaxation washes over you penetrating and arousing your pussy...your ass and groin are now relaxed..,

    Letting my warm arousing blanket of relaxation cover you...

    Now to your back and tummy the warmth is building...

    Your chest is warm and your nipples are hard as you stare even deeper into my eyes...

    Deeper and weaker for me...Unable to resist...

    Your back is so relaxed...You slowly just slump into my arms now..."

    I saw it happen from my hazy trance Mistress was in Genies arms as she continued her barrage of suggestions directly into her ear...

    "As my blanket comes up to your neck…All the tension is gone..

    My eyes have enveloped YOU

    You can feel them staring into you into your soul...

    Your mind goes blank now as your arousal and hunger for me...takes your thoughts...

    My strong and powerful blanket of trance sending you drifting deeper and deeper into sleep..."

    I saw Genie lift Mistresses head...Making her once again gaze into what I knew were the deepest hypnotic eyes on the planet...

    "Now I want you to focus deeper into my eyes...and think of nothing but them...They are going to take you into even deeper...deeper and deeper you go NOW FOR ME...

    NOW when I say the word EYES and SNAP my fingers...I want you to close yours...And feel yourself slide into the deepest trance sliding down a ramp to the very deepest level you have ever been to...I will be there waiting for you...

    When you feel yourself at the bottom...I want you to open your eyes, and say "DEEPEST" for me...Ready...EYES!!!"

    I heard Genie's fingers snap sharply...And the noise brought me part way up from my trance...I saw my deeply hypnotized Mistress respond with "DEEPEST". Then Genie looked over at me...and Said, "RICHARD... WIDE AWAKE!"...It was as if a fog had been lifted…

    My Wife then smiled at me and said "Nice CHOICE!"...She is gorgeous!...Then she immediately turned her attention back to Alice...

    "Yes my New ALICE Pet…You'll do nicely...It's been awhile since I've played with a woman...But you are here with me NOW...Finding my words so arousing to you...Wanting only to follow them now...Following my sexy and arousing words only sends you deeper...and the deeper you go...the more you want to follow your NEW GODDESS...

    That's right Alice...You may have been a Mistress...but your are a BROKEN MISTRESS NOW...and a helpless slave to your new Goddess Genie aren't you?"

    I saw my former Mistress Alice helplessly mouth the words "Yes Goddess"..."Good Girl"...Genie told her..."Disrobe for me...As you do it will make you even more aroused...helpless...and wet for your Goddess!" I saw the now familiar nakedness of Mistress Alice in an entirely different light as her glassy eyes were held helplessly in my Wife's penetrating stare...I saw my Wife's fingers slowly and erotically disappear into Alice's dripping pussy, as her knees began to buckle...

    "That's right My Gorgeous New Pet...Feel the effect of my touches...FOLLOW ME..."

    My Wife’s fingers never left their target, and Genies other fingers grabbed a Alice began to move almost robotically following Genie towards the bedroom..."Well Well!...Look at this"...Genie said as she spied the restraints hooked to the bedposts..."All ready for You my hot wet Hypno Slut...Lay Down Now…Spread your legs and put your arms over your head..."

    I had followed them back to the bed that I had been restrained on a few hours previous..."Richard…Do the honors secure her"...My Wife ordered. I automatically obeyed her gorgeous deep hypnotic voice voice, and secured Mistress Alice to the bed.

    "Now play with her pussy and tits while I get undressed"...My fingers replaced my Wife’s in a sopping wet vagina, as I rolled and pinched her nipples while I watched my wife undress and saw that she too was aroused and wet. She got onto the bed and lowered her wetness to Alice’s mouth...

    "Drink my pet and become addicted...To my taste as well as my words..."

    I could feel the effect immediately as her hips began to raise and push against my fingers...Tiny moans came as she eagerly drank and licked my I increased the speed and pressure against her hard clit with my fingers. It wasn't long before they were both panting for release...

    "When I cum will you"...Genie said raggedly..."We will both totally enjoy…The difference is you will be totally enslaved to me when you do..."


    They both bucked wildly and I was also aroused again by watching the events of the last hour...

    When they had calmed down, Genie looked at me..."Fuck her and get her ready to CUM again while I go in to the bathroom and put ON my Strap On..." I want her to be so weak from climaxing that she will be like You…PUTTY in my hands from this day on..."

    As Genie got off the bed and I entered Alice...All I could say as I looked down at her was; "I Tried to warn you.............