Dark Moon

  • As I have previously posted, it is part of my spirituality that I follow the phases of the moon; the dark moon, the new moon and the full moon.

    Everything being connected, I ask that you respect my beliefs and not contact me in any way during the dark moon; on some calendars the “new moon.”  This is actually the dark moon – when there is no moon in the sky to be seen, it is the dark moon.  Then 1 to 3 days later the new moon begins to appear as a sliver of itself and we move toward the full moon.

    Not all sects of Wicca recognize the dark moon.  I do, with all of my instinct and intuition.

    Generally, being this intimate and personal publicly is not something I would do; however, on this occasion I feel it a necessity.  I have grown fond of, have made friends and have began working with quite a few of you who follow me here, on twitter, youtube or pinterest.  So as not to offend anyone in any way, I ask that you respect and/or tolerate the one day of the month that I go dark.  That is, I unplug.  I unplug from technology and all its distractions.

    During this period, to the best of my ability, I do as much as I can to connect with nature and the cosmos.  I practice pyromancy the night of.  I reach deep into the dark places, the deep places.  I visit the ancient ones, consult with Inanna and Persephone.  Coming out the other side when the new moon shows itself, I am often my most inspired and creative self.  My time “away” can only serve to benefit me… and you.

    Thank you.

    re-posted from my blog: https://ladyinamorata.blog/