Hello Boy…

    You know what this is about don’t you?

    A seemingly innocent top layer that will relax and clear your mind as the two underlying layers completely reprogram, mindfuck, fill you with lust, and solidify your addiction to My supreme voice.

    I expect that you know how an induction works and that you understand that in order to go into Hippnotik tranccce, you must be completely open and willing to focus on My voice, do as I say, and relax.

    This file will guide you into a mesmerizing state of bliss as you are programmed to worship, obey, stroke, and become My mindfucked toy. Empty and obedient, head cleared of all thoughts, brainwashed and programmed and given a trigger. A progressive relaxation that will make your body tingle as you relax and slowly drift off into a new virtual world where there are no limits and everything is possible.

    Thoughts becoming meaningless, as I decide for you. Enjoy thoughtlessness as you float and fall DEEP. It feels so good to just be…with responsiblilities, no rights or wrongs…just an object to be used and played with by your Mistress…Madame Jade.

    I’m going to reprogram the DEEPEST parts of your mind as my voice and words bring you from the conscious world to the empty and obedient subconscious world. So relaxed… I penetrate through every part of your body as the tingling finally reaches your mind…and then you let go of the world. The more you let go, the more you feel its easy to just stop thinking. Once your BODY is relaxed, I will relax your MIND by taking you down an elevator starting at 10 and going down to 1 and into to the “garden of your mind” we go. This garden is unique…. sinking deeper, under My control….I own your orgasms…you happily let yourself sink as you follow My voice. Once in the garden….don’t look into My eyes, or My succubus twin will take over. Focus on My voice and My round breasts as I describe the garden to you….Imagine and visualize. You will eventually leave your body in the garden and transiition to another dimension where you become My programmed FUCKTOY. Now lie down next to your blond GODDESS.. You are just about to drift off to sleep when you notice something peculiar….on a piece of paper…. something unfamiliar….something written in the language of the mind. Strange symbols…that tell a story about yourself…. rapidly melting away. Aroused and electrified, time stands still as you go further and further, floating beyond the garden as your body fades away….open, safe, warm and aroused. You are no longer in your gardena and you body has been left behind as your mind continues to transcend into an abstract world.


    All is simple..shapes, My Goddess curves as you slip into sweet obedience. *post hypnotic suggestion, trigger* Not quite asleep, not quite awake….I will tell you a story now, as your cock rises and becomes harder. How deep can I take you? Just focus on My voice and follow My commands and you WILL DROP. I count you down as you drift, mindless and obedient, and 1….. DROP

    Take a step….and then another….and another. We walk into the forest of the MIND…. deeper and deeper…you have left your body behind..

    In this audio, I take over you body, your mind and your emotions as you surrender, obey and cum for Me.

    My gift to you

    enjoy and tribute your Goddess,

    Madame Jade

    **This Hyppn0t1c masterpiece contains: Intense Mindfucking, brainwashing and mental dominance. Multi-layered sound tracks including intoxicating subliminal messages both spoken and visual, word modulation, ASMR programming, mesmerizing spiral and pocket watch induction, rhythmic brainwave entrainment, post hyppn0t1c suggestion & trigger, seductive mind manipulation with subliminal mind fractionation, countdown, snaps, light sound textures and NUDE Breast obedience subliminals. ENJOY your session.