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  • Paralysis-Carnal Desires

    Posted Tue at 8:43 PM by Shelle Rivers

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    Listen and allow yourself to open up to your own CARNAL DESIRES. As sleep paralysis takes over, you will feel your own LUST making you the victim...   http://www.shellerivershypnotica.com/  


    Posted Feb 17 by Shelle Rivers

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      This week, let’s play with hypnosis and brainwashing in Full Access - Mind Manipulation.  I have some warnings about the dangerous world out there.  you need Me, so cum for Me...Whoops!  W/ Read More...

  • LOCKDOWN Begins

    Posted Jan 20 by Shelle Rivers

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          Valentine Chastity LOCKDOWN   When you followed My instructions with Managed Orgasm-ASSIGNMENT you felt My sexual penetration into your mind and cock.  I was preparing you for V Read More...

  • A new HYPNO Mind Control Sequential Program.. mp3 series: ‘Sing

    Posted Jan 18 by Diamond Diva Princess

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    A new HYPNO Mind Control Sequential Program.. mp3 series: ‘Sing Song Sequential Synch’ MP3 #1 Listen as I sing song chant this secret lyric, play it no less than 10x. I am encoding My new mind control Sequen Read More...


    Posted Jan 17 by Shelle Rivers

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          ORGASMIC RELEASE   Are you ready?  Do you feel teased and denied, My baby?  Are you prepared to have your Carnal Desires fulfilled?  MANAGED ORGASM is your Perfect pre-Ass Read More...

  • New Year New Techniques

    Posted Jan 2 by Mistress Candice

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    The beginning of a new year is always the beginning of New Hope and I have enough for all of us. I am going to start employing some new training techniques and look for some new trainees. I have very specific needs to ha Read More...

  • Goodbye 2017

    Posted December 30, 2017 by Mistress Candice

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    There have been So many changes this year, Personally and professional changes can be very time consuming especially when embarking upon new projects. Some I share with you because you are the target and some I’m s Read More...

  • 30 Days of Chastity/Mistress Carol session

    Posted December 4, 2017 by Will Trezr

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    I’ve done chastity for Mistress Carol before, but it was in her previous programs and I topped out at 17 days. I bought 30 days of chastity last week and plan on a weekly entry here. Day 1: By design, my last &ldq Read More...

  • Working with people who are deemed to be “hard to hypnotise”

    Posted December 1, 2017 by Lady Jessica

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    I’ve developed somewhat of a reputation as being a “go to” hypnotist for people who’ve previously struggled to trance.  Some of the wonderful clients who I have had the pleasure of working wi Read More...

  • The Mistrex

    Posted November 19, 2017 by S.B.

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    Some of you might remember this one. It's one of my stories from the old site, created for a movie writing challenge I hosted in late 2015 if I remember correctly. This is a fetish take on The Matrix. It uses excerp Read More...

  • Just for the record – analytical people making amazing hypnosis

    Posted November 14, 2017 by Lady Jessica

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    I originally posted the following blog on my website (www.queenofdreamshypnosis.com) but I thought it may be of use/interest to the members of Inraptured. Enjoy! There seems to be (for some reason I have yet to fathom Read More...

  • In 55 Words

    Posted November 11, 2017 by S.B.


    Here is a sneak peek at some of the tales contained in my e-book. It's currently available at Smashwords and Amazon and I'm donating ALL PROCEEDINGS to Inraptured.   There are erotic shows   Hum Read More...