Article submitted by Mistress Carol

The old adage is true –“you never get a second chance to make a first impression”, and this is particularly true when using the limited form of communication available in the cyber world. 

Let’s assume that you have just discovered erotic hypnosis (hypnosis used to achieve sensual or sexual results)  and you are thrilled and excited to find a medium that speaks to you personally.  You feel like a kid in a candy store with a huge appetite and wide eyes.  Maybe you have just discovered that erotic hypnosis indulges and satisfies your submissive nature and currently that satisfaction is not available to you in your domestic life.  You’ve listened to many free sessions and have found one or more Hypnodommes that you particularly enjoy and whose voice and style resonate with you.  You find yourself wanting to make an introduction and move a step closer to this individual but you are unsure how to make this introduction or approach this person successfully.  I’ve written this article from my side as a Dominatrix and Hypnodomme who has been hypnotizing and controlling subjects for many years.   This communication is dynamic and I’d like to offer a little advice and a few viewpoints for you to think over before you make that important first introduction.

Hypnodommes who have been in the business awhile have received a multitude of letters from eager and adoring fans.  I’m sure most have a long laundry list of the positive and negative approaches they have received in their erotic hypnosis careers.  For many erotic hypnotists, this is their lifestyle and a way of supporting their lifestyle.  We all love recognition and the easiest way for you to acknowledge and recognize our time and talent is for you to purchase from us.  Personally, I receive many emails from listeners who want me to “command” them who have never purchased a single one of my sessions or contributed in any way to my wellbeing.  That’s a big strike one.  Many times you only get one strike and depending on the mood of the Hypnodomme you are trying to contact, this could be one strike and you are out. 

Before contacting a Hypnodomme purchase one of their sessions so you may offer details about the experience you had while listening.  We love to know your reaction to our hypnosis.

Most erotic hypnotists have their own websites they’ve created to reflect their desire, interests and style.  Generally, there is detailed information about the hypnotist located on the site.  Do your homework.  Learn what you can about this individual and follow and respect their wishes.  If a Hypnodomme  requires a tribute or gift prior to contact then I suggest you respect that.  If you are a truly serious admirer, a tribute or gift is an excellent introduction.  If you are sitting there wondering why you haven’t received any return communication you should ask yourself “did I following the Hypnodommes wishes.”

How you communicate is extremely important.  Personally, I like a formal introduction.   Messages that arrive without effort rarely catch my attention or engage me personally.  We get a lot of mail and receiving one that simply says, “Hi.  How are you?” can go directly into the trash can.  The message gives the impression you have made no effort and it is assumed  you don’t respect my time and space.  It’s a judgement and to make a positive judgement sufficient information is needed from you.   We don’t have the time or the desire to engage you and pull information from you.

Following are a few tips that can improve your first contact communication and catch your Hypnodomme’ s attention.

·        Include a greeting.  Dear Mistress Carol works just fine for me.  Do know however if you refer to me as just Carol it’s generally a quick trip into the trash can.  Address your Hypnodomme properly.    

·        In the body of your message introduce yourself.  Give me some detail and history about yourself and your explorations in erotic hypnosis.  If you are new, that’s fine.  You don’t have to tell your life story.  Just be open, sincere and respectful in your message. 

·        Do not approach a Hypnodomme in a self-deprecating manner.  You might be a submissive and good submissives show self-respect.  If you are uncomfortable using your name, use an alias. 

·        Personally I want to know if you’ve listened to my sessions and your thoughts and feelings about these sessions.  Feedback is always a valuable tool.

·        Give an explanation of your hypnosis goals and sessions that interest you the most.

·        End your email with a salutation.  Sincerely; Yours Truly; Your Hypno-slave; all work. 

·        Don’t send a photo (I don’t know any Hypnodommes who thrive on dick pics).  Some sessions will command you to send a photograph and it’s perfectly acceptable and expected then.

·        Leave at least 48 hours for us to respond before sending a second note.  Do you want to appear needy or mature, intelligent, and polite? 

·        Be respectful.  Hypnodommes talk and it’s quickly spread between us when someone in the community is to be avoided. 


I enjoy communicating with my listeners very much.  I don’t care for timewasters.  Hypnodommes are very smart and very experienced in determining the difference between the two.  Take your time and impress us with your thoughtfulness and detail, and the odds of establishing a relationship will increase immensely.