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Rarely-heard words in EH

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    July 22, 2020 9:31 PM PDT

    For those who've been into hypno and the recreational/erotic hypno community for a while, have there been any words you don't or never hear often, words you think would be more common?


    For me, probably the biggest word is "hypnoteuse," (not to be confused with hypotenuse, the math angle) which I believe is generally defined as "female hypnotist," though anytime I've seen it, it's always used for a femdom hypnotist. Really surprised that's not a word I've seen a lot on Inraptured over the years.


    Anyone else know of any rare words?

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    August 3, 2020 8:20 AM PDT

    I've never heard hypnagogia or hypnagogic/hypnic jerking, even it's quite common occurrence while falling asleep. I often have these twitches under hypnosis and sometimes hit the wall with fists, elbows or knees.

    Hypnopedia is also a word you don't hear much, but I see there's an application with the name for the Apple slaves.

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    August 3, 2020 9:58 PM PDT

    Nice choices, Sub Zero. Those are pretty rare, but I feel like I've heard each of them at least once.

  • October 28, 2020 7:00 AM PDT

    Hyperemperia, also known as ultra-height hypnosis where, instead of the hypnotee going deeper, they are raised up into "higher consciousness and suggestibility."  Sometimes called guided imagery, but that is technically a misnomer.