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Co-Op Story: The Fall Season

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    October 15, 2020 11:01 AM PDT

    Trying out something I haven't done in a long time, but hopefully people can have fun with this idea. For those who'd like to participate, writers/contributors add to the narrative at their leisure, no limit to what you contribute. It starts out around the Halloween season, but it can go as long as the season lasts or longer.


    The Fall Season


    Walking along the road back to his apartment, the man feels happy, slightly tipsy, and satisfied from the party he'd just left. It was a lively night, cool fall air, bright stars shimmering in the air, the swaying of trees, and...something else he couldn't place, just faintly felt. Where it came from or what set this feeling off, he couldn't tell, but it was there. He looked at the forestry near the road, the road ahead and behind him, the sky; he could see nothing, but the feeling wasn't going away. His pace picked up a little anxiously, not knowing if this feeling was exciting him or frightening him. Whatever it was, he felt he was being watched, perhaps even followed, or approached....


    What happens next?