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Real Talk About Hypnosis

  • December 20, 2017 2:47 AM PST

    A thread to get into the nuts and bolts of hypnosis, trance, the submissive experience, and anything else you want to ask or share with the community about.

    I'll start:


    I'm pretty good at going into trance now, and I still kind of suck at being open to suggestion. Doing the former took a lot of practice, and doing the latter also requires practice for me.
    Suggestions are weird and nebulous things right? That's why they work, and that's also why it's hard to tell if they're working.
    I don't need advice etc. I'm making progress, and I don't need plugs for 'you know who could really help you' (but please share those kinds of stories with others), I'm sharing this here, because we want to believe in the binary effects of hypnosis, and that it all comes together... but it doesn't for everybody, and sometimes you need to practice, help, and a little bit of self-exploration to open yourself up to a  more meaningful experience!