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Origins of hypnotic interest

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    April 12, 2018 8:38 AM PDT

    No, this is not about the history of hypnosis. It's surely another interesting topic, but why don't we discuss about the origins of our personal hypnosis interest? Or how you found out it's something you enjoy.

    You must have heard being said that when you read, are immersed in a movie, listen music, or do something else that captures your concentration so profoundly that the outer world fades away you are in fact being hypnotized.

    The first hypnotic trance experience I can remember, was in early 90s when I was lying on bed listening black metal. The piece was repetitive, what most people would reconsider super boring shit. But it took me somewhere. When I woke up, I couldn't say if I had been off the radar just for the few minutes it lasted, or had full 8 hours of deep sleep. The relaxing effect was awesome. But It didn't caught my interest back then.

    Later when the mist of erotic hypnosis surrounded me, fogged my mind and the tentacles of submission dragged me again deep into the abyss...I realized it was the same feeling and place I had experienced earlier.

    So, what like was your first touch with hypnosis? I'd be interested to hear how you got involved, and whether it was live experience, vanilla, therapy or self-hypnosis.


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    April 13, 2018 9:12 AM PDT

    The exact details of it all are kind of fuzzy because it's been a long time but I found myself drawn to it at an early age by watching old movies and cartoons. Drawn to the idea of it at least because I was always very reluctant to try it out for real for two reasons: one, I was somewhat ashamed of some of my fantasies; two, I was afraid of my being too suggestible due to my overactive imagination. I only opened myself to it after coming back to Inraptured.