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Hypnotic Poetry

  • April 24, 2018 9:01 AM PDT

    This is a thread for all sorts of hypnotic-themed poetry you wish to share, whether your own creations or someone else's. To kick things off, here's the latest piece I added to my site.


    Made Of...


    I am not who I was, 
    I am not who I am, 
    I am not who I will become.

    Neither time, memory, or identity are set in stone.

    The stone is set on her ring, 
    The ring is wrapped around my mind.

    I am made of feet, boots, and pussy, 
    Obedient tongue on the floor.

  • May 24, 2018 9:44 AM PDT

    Nothing Else...


    What you think happens isn’t true
    What you think is fake is up to you

    But you alone don’t think any more
    These words of now weren’t here before.

    Somehow, they came to mind, won’t let go
    They change your world and all you know

    Now you see colors of feminine splendor,
    Your dreams drift into loving surrender

    And when you wake up, you’re still dreaming,
    Your mind in a daze, your smile beaming

    Thinking of thinking without thinking at all,
    Thinking the thoughts of an obedient thrall,

    All your desires are now kept in check
    As the breath of control kisses your neck

    You can stop now, you can stop pretending
    Your path is clear, open, and unending

    And it begins by kneeling at her feet
    For nothing else can be as sweet.

  • June 24, 2018 10:47 AM PDT



    You dream of her every single night.
    You wake up with her name on your lips, chest, and cock.
    The cage in your mind has a new lock.
    You are spellbound and you love it.

    You worship every word she says
    And inhale the golden silence and its perfume.
    She makes all of your emotions bloom.
    You are spellbound and you love it.

    Her song is played with triggers and snaps
    Its cadence sweeping you like a monsoon.
    Living for her is the greatest boon.
    You are spellbound and you love it.

    The change emerging, the change everlasting,
    Begins with her and it will end with her, too.
    She is your journey, your jubiliation, she is you.
    You are spellbound and you love it.