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[STORY] Entranced by his teacher's shoe

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    May 24, 2018 8:16 PM PDT

    Hi! I've written a story and I would like to share it with you :) criticism accepted but please, bear with me. This is my first story and I'm not english native.




    Entranced by his teacher's shoe


    Caleb waited sitting on a chair in the corridor of the school, less than a meter from the door of the teacher's office. He had been warned several times for bad behavior in class and now had been summoned to have a private conversation with one of his teachers. He was a little nervous, because apart from the continuous verbal warnings from the teachers, things never got out of hand. It was the first time they called him into an office. Beside him sat two other students from different groups, none of whom were his friend or had ever crossed words with them, only knew them by sight. Suddenly professor Nancy Green's door opened and Caleb got up from his chair almost instinctively, knowing that it was already his turn. From inside the office came out a student who Caleb immediately recognized as the captain of the school basketball team. The young man came out with a different expression, looking forward and without noticing his presence at any time, without greeting anyone, he continued walking to the end of the corridor and went into a classroom. Caleb thought it was weird, but he did not give it much importance. After all, Miss Green was known among the students for her severity and he surely had been harshly lecturing him, he thought. Miss Green peeked through the door and called Caleb by his name, the boy, who was already standing, swallowed and went to the office.

    Nancy is a beautiful woman that catches the attention among the students of the school for her physical attractiveness. Almost always dressed in tight skirts to the knees that marked her slim figure and a long blond hair always collected in a ponytail. Despite her youth, barely over thirty, she was fully qualified to hold a position of responsibility in the school, as she demonstrated each year. Caleb sat in a comfortable padded chair in front of the teacher's desk, while she did the same on the other side. The boy, shy, could only look at the dark wood of the desk unable to look up.

    "You know why you're here, right?" She had the first words. "I have received complaints from several teachers for bothering during the classes." - She continued speaking as the student kept looking down. "You get distracted easily, talk a lot and distract the rest of your classmates."
    "I'm sorry" Caleb finally managed to answer. The teacher took some papers and got up from the chair. She walked around the boy slowly, with a slightly exaggerated wiggle of his hips to get his attention, something she achieved without too much difficulty. She then sat on the desk, just right in front of the boy. She crossed her legs as she glanced at the papers she was holding, which turned out to be a series of reports from the college. The boy was visibly nervous, partly because of the compromised situation he was in, ready to receive a lecture, and especially due to the teacher's lack of orthodoxy, as she was too close and that was making him feel slightly uncomfortable. Nancy’s shoes caught Caleb's attention. They were black pointed shoes with stiletto heels, the patent leather made them especially sparkly. She began to sway her foot in a very subtle way while still leafing through the different papers.

    "You should not be so nervous Caleb, I'm not going to quarrel. I just wish we could talk calmly about your behavior, so relax." The teacher tried to calm the boy, while moving her foot back and forth gently. Sunlight filtered through the curtains of the office and struck directly on her shoe, which together with the slight sway caused perceptible flashes of light that caught the attention of the student. "As I say Caleb, it is important to be calm, I have not called you with the intention of throwing you any anger. We are just going to talk a little, do you think you can do it? "Nancy had stopped reading the reports and now she was staring at the boy again, observing how he was being distracted by the reflections of light on the patent leather, the light reflecting on the shoe produced a relaxing effect.
    "Of course..." He answered. Nancy grinned, she had him where she wanted him. She continued talking.

    "...calm and relaxed, so we can talk quietly without anyone bothering us, relax Caleb, breathe deeply... take a breath... and let go slowly.” She was taking him to a state of relaxation at the same time she had him staring at her patent leather shoe. "Are you calmer Caleb? Are you relaxed?" She asked, to which the boy responded with a nod. - "Do you like my shoes?" She asked again. This time the boy became a bit restless, blinked twice without breaking eye contact with the shoe and quickly Nancy spoke again. - "You can calm down a little more if you stare at my pretty shoe, watch how the light reflects on it and relaxes you more and more, it's a very relaxing effect..." The student was so carried away that he was totally fixed on the flashes of light from her shoe, mouth slightly open. She kept talking. "My shoe is helping you relax, you feel good, don’t you? My shoe is helping you to relax, listen carefully to my voice..." Nancy kept moving her foot with subtle elegance. The patent leather of her shoe was putting Caleb into a deep trance without the boy realize what was happening. "...your mind is getting empty, your thoughts are being replaced by mine, let my voice control your mind while the sparkles of my shoe hypnotize you, you’re falling into a very deep trance, each flash makes you fall deeper and deeper, deeper and deeper, you just can’t help it..." The teacher stopped moving her foot and took off a shoe. She held it in front of the boy's face just a few inches from his eyes, and started moving the tip slowly from left to right.

    "You will follow it wherever it goes, you will always be fixed on the shoe, concentrate on the tip, watch as the flashes of light shine on the tip of my shoe, watch carefully, you can’t look away from the tip of my shoe, You are going to obey Caleb, you are going to do everything that I tell you and you can’t resist because you are deeply hypnotized under my power." The boy was already in a state of deep hypnotic trance and totally under her control, there was nothing he could do to stop her. The teacher was still holding the shoe just half a span from the eyes of the student and still moving from side to side. "Caleb listen to me very carefully, from now on your behavior will change, you will be a good boy and you will obey the rules of conduct of this college, you will never think of disobeying the rules or the words of any teacher. Absolute obedience is what you want the most." The boy responded to everything by nodding in a barely perceptible movement, never taking his eyes off the tip of the shoe that was moving in front of his eyes. "As soon as I click my fingers you will wake up and you will not remember having been hypnotized by me, but you will do everything I have commanded you to do. The next time you see my shoe shine in front of your eyes you will fall back into this state of absolute trance and submission, have you understood?” The boy nodded and answered with a barely audible "yes". Nancy put on her shoe again and snapped her fingers. The boy opened his eyes and immediately got up from the chair and left the office. The noise of the door opening startled one of the students who were waiting outside to meet with Professor Nancy, saw Caleb leave with a different expression on his face, with a completely blank stare crossed the corridor and gets lost among the crowded corridor. Seemed strange to him, but he did not give it much importance. At that moment Miss Green called him by his name and he entered her office.

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  • May 28, 2018 10:59 AM PDT

    Hello. I read it. I thought it was nice even if a bit simple overall. One can tell English isn't your native language (it's not mine either) but there was nothing in it I found too distracting. Does Miss Green do that to all of the students or just the "problematic" ones? I hope you keep on writing and improving. Thank you for sharing.

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    May 29, 2018 6:59 PM PDT

    Agree with SB's comments more or less. A short, fun story that I think is good for a first time, and for being written outside of your native language. I also hope you do more.