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Hypnotist voices and choices

  • November 16, 2018 7:48 AM PST

    What vocal disposition/manner most hypnotically ensnares you? Such as sweet, wicked, caring, resentful, happy, angry, etc.? 

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    November 18, 2018 3:31 PM PST

    Depending on the voice and context, several of those qualities you described might affect me, probably minus resentful and angry.


    The most obvious one is "seductive" to me that leans into prompting hypnosis, but even an even, calm, measured voice speaking certain words to me can also do the trick.

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    November 19, 2018 3:21 AM PST

    Agree with Me Chan. Voice and context.


    In general, i fall more for the sweet, sassy, caring seductive. Paried with a bit of wickedness.
    Or maybe wickedness is the wrong word. But, with a hint of something behind it.

    Part of the process is to relax, and those qualities make me relax.

    The other part is to lose control. With a to sweet inocent voice. . .
    A trace of creativity and mischievousness, to keep it intersting


    On the other hand, have had experiences with a more angry type voice.
    Where it can be exciting in the middle of it, it is generally not where i tend to return.

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    November 19, 2018 9:18 AM PST

    Salacious, delicious, effing flirtatious!
    Wicked teaser time freezer.
    Verbal witch acrobat, unruly raver.
    Charming chatter, silent enslaver!
    Whispers band around my mind,
    drag me into deep...deep sleep.