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The world is a book. Those who do not connect with others miss many pages.

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  • me chan Recently had a wonderful session with Lady Jessica; felt very stimulated, pliable, and pleasurable as a result. Looking forward to the next session where that can happen, though probably more in my dreams first.
    Nov 11

  • Sapphire Rain If you got a message from "Love Good" or "Miss Laura" please don't respond to them or email them. It appears to be spam or a scam.
    Jun 30

  • slave of QUEEN as this ever happened to any of you?  I seem to have developed out of nowhere.. from about last Friday evening or so...  an irrepressable urge to be slave.. and not just online  and there's no stopping it.  only trouble is... i  am  not in a position to make it happen... lack of funds and rural location. the more i resist the stronger my urges get. can't do anything about it. Female superiority is not just a fantasy.. it is reality. One day.. the world will realize it.
    Oct 23