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The world is a book. Those who do not connect with others miss many pages.

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  • S. B. Today's piece is for gaming enthusiasts. One of my pieces last year was a riff on RE4. This time around, the fifth entry of the franchise gets the fetish treatment and has to "suffer" my humor as well. Enjoy. Resident Sexy 5 Chris Redfield saw the "Scarab" and shuddered. "Jill, Sheva, don't do this, please!" "Sorry," Sheva grinned, "but we agreed you should do something useful with those muscles besides punching boulders." "What's brainwashing me and pumping me with drugs got to do with anything?" He shouted. The answer came during the first sex marathon. Game on!
    5 hours ago

  • amalgam If you get a friend request from me, It is because i had to delete my old one,  not that I have an evil doppleganger. 
    Nov 11

  • Hank Hank Here
    Nov 14