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The world is a book. Those who do not connect with others miss many pages.

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  • jp Richard Congratulations to Sapphire Rain and all involved in developing new Inraptured.
    Nov 9

  • Count Cockula Can't find donation button anywhere, does anyone know if it exists or is it still in the making? I have been hypnotized to donate instantly when I see it.
    Nov 15

  • Hank Hank Here
    Nov 14

  • S. B. Here's today's short story, a piece about (hypnotic) sub frenzy. Hypnotic Delirium "Keep it together," Peter muttered. The frenzy was back, such an irresistible urge. At first, he couldn't grasp it, but now the strings were obvious and so was the pull. He was her forever puppet, but never a beast. "Keep it together," he repeated until the sweat was no more. Only then he happily complied.
    3 hours ago