• elab posted an update 4 months, 2 weeks ago

    I have been musing this weekend about my desire to be addicted to just one. I think it requires I find someone available for personal contact at times I can trance and who also has addictive mp3s for sale. But that doesn’t seem to take into account all important factors. If they don’t know me well, they inadvertently step on areas that effectively end our relationship. This is at odds with moving me into dangerously addictive stretching that I say I want. I have not yet solve this delicate balancing act.

    • I am not really expecting something deep in the relationship realm. I could search that illusion for a very long time without success. Have you actually a domme outside the professionals? I know there was one woman on the old Inraptured who produced quite a few recordings of high quality but her goal seemed to be finding one sub and when she succeeded she pretty much disappeared.

    • Opinionated perhaps but not harsh. I appreciated your point of view. I wish Germany were closer for me but that visit will not be possible at this time.