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No Talking.

April 7, 2017 in D/s Relationship, Personal, Promotional

Quiet now, pet. No more talking. It’s raining outside. Come closer. Quiet. Just listen. Listen to the storm rage. The thunder crack… Come. Closer. Quiet now. Just you and Me. No talking… Just the sounds of the storm… My beautiful, hypnotic breasts… and you, sinking into your chair, relaxing… So relaxed. This is special, isn’t it? Letting your mind wander as your eyes follow the smooth, predictable motion… You want this. You love this. Come to Me.

**non-vocal sensual breast worship**

the Rush

April 7, 2017 in D/s Relationship, Personal, Promotional

Intense primal induction. Four layered vocal tracks tease and melt your thoughts, as the exquisite delights of My entrancing breasts take you where you want to go… Where you’ve always wanted to go. Follow Me down, deeper into your dreams and fantasies as the warmth from My candles melts away your resistance. My mesmerizing spell will work deep into your mind and subconscious.

Come feel the Rush of your River.

the Light

April 7, 2017 in D/s Relationship, Opinion, Personal, Promotional

Have you gazed into the Light? You have such potential, pet… I know just what you need. Come… come to Me… gaze into My light… Let Me guide you on a sensual, seductive journey, through the deepest recesses of your mind… You are free to surrender to Me… you are safe, with Me… Follow My voice as I guide you towards a seductive paradise. Let your weary eyes rest on My pendant… on My big, soft breasts… let your higher thoughts give way to River… This is what you need.

Come into the Light…. My Light…

Night and Day

February 28, 2017 in D/s Relationship, Personal, Promotional

It’s ready!

Night and Day

Night and day, you’ve been thinking of me. Your mind wandering back to our first sweet, seductive meeting…

To the way my hips swayed, the way my soft, kissable tits bounced and shook before your eyes… Just like they are now.

Let yourself relax and let go while I erode your will through my sensual, seductive dance and erotic vocal induction.

You won’t be able to get me out of your head…

The way Odysseus must have felt…

February 23, 2017 in D/s Relationship, Personal, Promotional, Story

It’s okay.

It’s completely natural to find yourself feeling this way.

The same way the travelers felt…

The same draw that Odysseus felt from that tall, sturdy mast…

You can look.

Just like he listened…

It’s okay.


This is good.

My pretty breasts make you feel so good… so this is okay.

My soft voice makes you feel

It must be okay. It feels so good. My voice… My very presence… intoxicating…

This is What You Want

January 20, 2017 in D/s Relationship, Personal, Promotional, Story

This Is What You Want (male pronouns)

All right, my little sprites. This is what you want.

You wanted to meet me by the running water… You wanted to experience my seductive magic at full strength…

This intense multi-layered vocal induction and slow, succulent pendant/cleavage worship might just be too much for you… You may decide to stay here in the forest with me… forever.



January 18, 2017 in D/s Relationship, Personal, Promotional, Story


This classic induction is centered on my soft, otic tits and my shiny new pendulum.

Let your worries (and pants) slip away as my sensual voice guides you towards bliss.

(Features vocal induction and double-countdown!)

Sixty Seconds

January 14, 2017 in D/s Relationship, Interview, Opinion, Personal, Promotional, Review, Story, Uncategorized

Sixty Seconds

Sixty seconds… Can you watch the pretty pendant and my pretty, soft breasts without losing focus?

Just sixty seconds.. and then I’ll come join you.

I can show you how to make better use of your time… How to relax when you have just a minute to spare.

Count backwards from sixty with me…


It’ll just take a minute.

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January 11, 2017 in Promotional


Let me take you under.

beneath the surface

Feel the waves massaging the worry and tension from your body…

I hope you enjoy taking a warm bath with me on this cold December eve.

Let my inviting, sensual vocal induction and entrancing visual delights warm you tonight…

I know…

November 27, 2016 in D/s Relationship, Personal, Promotional, Story


You’ve never felt this before…

November 20, 2016 in Personal, Promotional, Story

You’ve never felt a pull like this… an attraction not to be refused, a sheer need. You have no hope of resisting, but you don’t mind. You know how much fun it is to follow your River… you know what’s in store for you on the other side of the wall…

Come play…

November 17, 2016 in Personal, Promotional, Story

Want to come play? Come dance with me? Come here… over past the wall… come…

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