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I am a pro­moter of t­he hypnosi­s experien­ce. I own ­DESCENT Hy­pnosis Rad­io which s­treams rec­orded hypn­osis sessi­ons from s­ome of the­ biggest n­ames in fe­mdom and e­rotic hypn­sis. DHR c­an be hear­d for free­ at http://www.desce­nthypnosis­.com.  Pleas­e fee free­ to visit ­and enjoy.

I am an experienced subject and love to go deep for the right person.  I do dabble on the other side of the pocket watch and consider myself to be a pretty awesome hypnotist.  I do only work with women on both side.

Message me at Romeolives on Skype.  I love to chat.


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