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  • Andreas posted an update 3 weeks, 6 days ago

    Something different for people from Germany – I know there are some here – an invitation:

    On June 10th, we will be having a Vajrayana Celebration. That is an one-day event where dance, trance and body-work will blend together to celebrate the sensual beings – male and female – that we are. Its open end and there will be a space for after-play and…[Read more]

    • One addition:

      We welcome couples as well as single men and women, and it will be a balance between male and female. Its not a swinger event, and curious people who have never attended such an event are also welcome. We will watch our for everybody. Just bring a curious heart and mind šŸ™‚

  • Andreas posted an update 1 month, 3 weeks ago

    Something I keep on pondering these days about is …. what is submissive in a man. How in erotic hypnosis can it work out in the long run? Is it dangerous because it takes people out of real-world relationships? Are there many people that feel enjoyment both being dominant and being submissive?

    Pffff…… many questions tonight….

    • Most people do both in their lives, some consciously some not. D/S in in a lot of situations you’d not normally think about if you’re new to it specifically. Particularly, I enjoy a dominant sadistic woman in bed but my every day life /work / hobbies etc: are fairly competitive so it’s flipped quite hard in that case. Balance etc:

      • Yes I have the same feeling. Things are much more interconnected than people realize in their normal minds.
        Beyond the fun I wish for massive healing to occur these days.

  • Andreas posted an update in the group Group logo of The Meditation GroupThe Meditation Group 2 months ago

    In April it will be another 10 days continuity in Vipassana meditation for me. One of the basic rules to follow for that retreat is non-indulgement in sexuality in form of deed and thought.

    Of all the rules to follow in such a setting I found that one to always be be one of the hardest to follow. It showed me how powerful these influxes of…[Read more]

  • Andreas posted an update in the group Group logo of The Meditation GroupThe Meditation Group 2 months ago

    So yes, I would love to know more. My experience in hypnosis is limited, I have experience in online-hypnosis (files, one-way) for about 3 years and only recently been hypnotized one-to-one.

    One thing I have an open question is how the sexual energy in combination with suggestions of indulgement or even addiction may be not so beneficial in the…[Read more]

  • Andreas posted an update in the group Group logo of The Meditation GroupThe Meditation Group 2 months ago

    So empty here?

    Are there people here who meditate?

    Myself I am practicing Vipassana meditation since 11 years, and have vastly more experience in meditation than in hypnosis.

    I don’t think these two relate directly. Before Vipassana, one usually practices Anapanasati (Ana Pana Sati, means Breathing In Breathing Out with Awarewess) to…[Read more]

    • This place is getting its legs back under it, so yeah, it isn;t always super fast paced with responses.

      I think you’re right about the transfer of skills, mainly in the experience of knowing what it is like to have a quiet mind, which is not always the case for hypnosis but is a general part of experiencing meaningful trance.

      • I see. Something bad happened obviously before.

        Will keep trying a bit to bring back some life.

        • Change of site ownership, change of overall purpose etc. It’s figuring out what it is, since a lot of other social media replaced what it used to be and do.

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