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    So empty here?

    Are there people here who meditate?

    Myself I am practicing Vipassana meditation since 11 years, and have vastly more experience in meditation than in hypnosis.

    I don’t think these two relate directly. Before Vipassana, one usually practices Anapanasati (Ana Pana Sati, means Breathing In Breathing Out with Awarewess) to concentrate the mind. This practice resembles hypnosis more closely, the flavour in my mind is similar.

    The actual meditation practice than is different from my feeling.

    But the skills transfer vice versa.

    • This place is getting its legs back under it, so yeah, it isn;t always super fast paced with responses.

      I think you’re right about the transfer of skills, mainly in the experience of knowing what it is like to have a quiet mind, which is not always the case for hypnosis but is a general part of experiencing meaningful trance.

      • I see. Something bad happened obviously before.

        Will keep trying a bit to bring back some life.

        • Change of site ownership, change of overall purpose etc. It’s figuring out what it is, since a lot of other social media replaced what it used to be and do.