• Andreas posted an update 1 month, 3 weeks ago

    Something I keep on pondering these days about is …. what is submissive in a man. How in erotic hypnosis can it work out in the long run? Is it dangerous because it takes people out of real-world relationships? Are there many people that feel enjoyment both being dominant and being submissive?

    Pffff…… many questions tonight….

    • Most people do both in their lives, some consciously some not. D/S in in a lot of situations you’d not normally think about if you’re new to it specifically. Particularly, I enjoy a dominant sadistic woman in bed but my every day life /work / hobbies etc: are fairly competitive so it’s flipped quite hard in that case. Balance etc:

      • Yes I have the same feeling. Things are much more interconnected than people realize in their normal minds.
        Beyond the fun I wish for massive healing to occur these days.