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  • At long last I’m able to use this site. Initially it rejected my password – then it wouldn’t send me an email to re-set it. That went on for a long time so I just gave up – until yesterday.

  • Did anyone ever get around to buying the forum software to which some of us contributed? It’s ages ago, so I can’t see it happening now.

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    • It’s extremely frustrating when donations are not used as they were promised to be used.

    • Sounds like something the previous owner of IR should have information about.

    • Yes, vBulletin 4 was purchased a few years ago and we still have an active license. I could not use this forum in the past because the bridge/connector I needed failed to work with the old site. I have tested phpbb and have not been satisfied with it’s bridge either so I have already installed vBulletin and have purchased a new bridge for it. If…[Read more]

      • Good stuff Maurice. That would be a huge help if it could be installed as it does make following posts/threads much easier. Thanks.

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